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Battery Drain

13 October 2013 - 08:36 PM

Right. Its a mondeo diesel. I've had it a couple of months. Since having it,I've put a new reverse light switch on it and a new starter motor. I went to redditch in it the other day,parked up at tesco in redditch,was in there for about 15 mins,came back out,put ignition on,all dials on dash went all way round like they do when you connect the battery,tried to start the car which it did but very weakily. Drove it round to my moms about 10 mins away. Parked it up,tried to start it and battery was dead. Managed to bump start it,drove it back to mine in bewdley from redditch. As soon as i parked up i turned it off and tried to restart but battery was still dead. I've taken battery off and charged it last night and it fired straight up.

Starter,dmf Or What??

10 October 2013 - 10:06 PM

I have a 2003 2 ltr tdci mondeo. I haven't had it long and the.other week i had to put a new starter on it. When i took the starter to a guy to see if he could refurb it (which he couldnt,so i bought a new one from local car parts shop) he said there was metal filings in it which could be a sign of the dreaded dmf failure. Well the new starters been on for no.more.than.a couple of weeks which in that time hasn't even been started every day and it seems its failed again. I went to start it yesterday and the dials went around on the dash like they do when you reconnect the.battery and then struggled to start almost like a flat battery. This happened for the next couple of times of starting but now it doesn't even try to start you just get the click noise which is associated with a non working starter. Could the dmf problem cause the starter to stop working after this very short space of time or could it be something else? Its the dials going around and the struggling to start that confuses me. oh and i have managed to bump start it