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Sudden Loss Of Power Whilst Driving On The M6

11 October 2013 - 10:37 AM

Good Morning Everyone,


I own a ford focus titanium 1.6tdci 58 reg. It has done 91k miles.


The car has been running fine until recently...

If i accelerated off the line in gear one with roughly 25-30k revs the engine would cut out. I.e. putting my foot on the accelerator would do nothing. A sudden loss of power with no engine warning lights coming on. If i switched off the engine and immediately turned it back on the car would start again.

I replaced the fuel filter and air inlet filter as good measure. The problem was then eradicated. It no longer loses power at lower speeds. I also took it for a service as they have the ability to flush through the system. The oil was also replaced with Castrol oil and engine coolant topped up.


However, 2 days ago whilst driving on the m6 in the 3rd lane doing around 70mph the same thing happened and i had to drive across to the hard shoulder with what momentum the car had left. I then started the car again and it worked and i drove at 60 all the way home


From a visual inspection of the car i've noticed #2 injector has caused the inlet manifold around it to melt slightly. I believe the HP pipe was causing the leak, i have torqued the nut and no more leaks. I'm averaging around 58mpg which leads me to believe that this isn't causing any problems.


From revving the car i can see no signs of any leaks or any abnormalities.

I have also used the ford diagnostic tool and my car has no fault codes

The turbo seems to be working fine and kicks in as it should.

I'm not entirely sure what the problem could be so i thought id post here to see if anyone else has had this issue before i start taking off components. I.e. wheres the best place to start


If any more information would be helpful please ask.


Many Thanks in advance.