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2013 Fiesta St Camshaft Position Sensor Fault

01 December 2013 - 03:31 PM

Re-post as my previous thread was lost with the recent technical issues.


I took my ST to the dealer last Wednesday and they told me it had a CPS fault code and they'd cleared it and all was fine now. Two days later the engine light comes back on again. Took it back Saturday and the service reception guy (without looking at car) says the sensor is faulty and it will need replacing (the electrician tech wasn't there Saturday). Now booked in for the end of next week.


Is this SOP in these cases? Just wondering why the sensor wasn't checked and/or replaced for the fault on the Wednesday if they had the part of course. Having worked in a dealer I always try to avoid having a loan car as its so much hassle for all involved.


Has anyone else had this sensor failure on such a new Ford? Looking around the forum, it seems to be most common on older diesel cars.