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#303848 Lighting Problem

Posted by johnbrad68 on 09 November 2013 - 06:53 PM

Well the word is eureka.....ive only gone and sorted it. I ran a piece of wire from the fuse box to the back but lost all the back lights and dash lights so I reconnected the original wire and went hunting....I started from the fuse box al9ng the wire which was getting warm until I got to beside the passenger seat where it was hot and when I squeezed I heard the boot latch click.....the wires were hidden under plastic so i cut the plastic until I reached the wire where I found 5 wires melted together. I pulled them apart taped them separately then started the car....and low and behold everything came on. I left it running and no hot wires...at last. ..im so over the moon with myself for persevering and pushing on when people told me I hadnt a clue....get in!!!