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Lighting Problem

24 October 2013 - 08:38 PM

Hi all.....I am a newbie to your site so a big hello to all!

My name is John i am from Peterlee in county Durham and today I have acquired a 2001 ford focus diesel 1.8i....

It was a bit tatty so ive cleaned it up but theres a couple of problems I am hoping I can get help with. The main issue I have is all the lights apart from the front headlights dont work. Rear lights, rear registration light dashboard light interior light side lights all dont work. Ive been told it could be the fuse but are they all connected with the same fuse or different ones?....I know theres two fuse box areas one behind the glove compartment and one in the engine so not sure which one it will be. I got no book or anything with the car so any help would be appreciated......


also theres a slight noise from the front passenger side its like a humming sound if that doesnt sound too stupid.....


once again any help would be hughly appreciated