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Squelching Noise From Front

20 May 2014 - 12:07 PM

Hi all. For some time now I have been hearing a strange noise from the engine area at different times. It's really hard to explain what it sounds like but it does it when I'm sat and then set off. As the title says it sounds like a squelch but it's really strange. It does it too when I'm sat aNd turn the wheel slightly but don't know if it's related to steering. Does anyone have any ideas or is it like a steering pump noise that is on other focus's. Hopefully someone else will know what I mean and be able to advise.


Comfort Standard Or Sport

05 April 2014 - 04:57 PM

Hi guys. I have just this week decided to change the setting for steering to comfort after having it set between standard or sport. I have to admit I actually prefer it. Never thought I would but it actually feels a lot nicer to drive in comfort. Living in Sheffield where the roads are like a mine field for pot holes and bumps it feels nicer to drive and doesn't pull when hitting bumps.

So anyone else have any preferences. Just thought I'd see what the consensus is from everyone else and which setting they use.


Please Help

27 March 2014 - 10:20 AM

Hi. I have just bought an in car camera that slots over rear view mirror. Quite impressed but a tad bigger than the original one. It comes with a car. Harder for power which I want to change to maybe hard wire in somewhere. Mainly because I have the two 12v sockets which have power Constantly to them and I want it to be easier to just start recording when I turn the car on.

So has anyone got any ideas maybe some easily accessed wires that are in front of car somewhere I can splice to or how to convert the power sockets maybe

Any help appreciated


Led Badge Fitted.

01 February 2014 - 05:41 PM

Finally received my badge light for rear of car. So this morning in the freezing cold wind I decided to go and fit it.
I followed the guide from pree on here so thanks pree. However I didn't have a socket set long enough to undo the bolts to remove the trim so instead drilled a small hole to feed the wires into the boot behind the badge and filled it well with clear silicone to prevent any water getting through. Overall it took just over an hour start to finish and below is the finished project now it has turned dark. I absolutely love how it looks hope you do too.
This is how it was advertised
Attached File  1391275841293.jpg   31.7KB   121 downloads

This is how it looks on my motor
Attached File  1391275896650.jpg   26.79KB   121 downloadsAttached File  1391275909886.jpg   34.16KB   122 downloads

Mod Update

09 January 2014 - 01:30 PM

hi all,

        before i start i will say that i am going to get some pics to upload but wanted to get the bulk of the post done while i have a computer to use at work.


so.... update on mods and future mods planned.


1. bought and fitted heater control knobs (blue)

2. replaced standard headlights and full beam with osram nightbreaker plus and sideligths with cree 501's. Must say i'm impressed with how bright the osrams are but not quite as intense white as i would like. planning on buying some osram intense blue soon.

3. fitted footwell lights as mine were missing. luckily i had the bulb holders to fit them straight into. used some white 5 LED bulbs which i had bought for sidelights but were flashing and clearly not canbus error free ones.

4. fitted chrome detailing trim around front grille and in fog light 'grooves'. This is my favourite so far.

5. Ordered some chrome scuff plate (sill protectors) and will be fiting these tonight.


future plans

1. replace rear fog light with clear RHS reflector and replace bulb with red bulb.

2. i want to replace my rear ford badge with a red LED badge. either a surround to fit behind the badge or i have seen a full replacement where the ford logo itself lights up with sidelights and brake lights. look cool but i think it may be a lengthy job as i have been told. may have to wait till i can borrow a mates garage or until weather gets better.

3. i was looking to fit some lights under seats in rear of car (submarine lighting and got down to look the other day where to fit them. however i think i'm going to leave it as the LED lights i have in the footwell seem bright enough to reach the rear as they stand now so might wait a while.

4.plan to fit a USB connector somewhere in the front. anyone have any idea where these can be bought? i would like one ideally to be connected to the radio to play music from USB sticks or MP3 players and also from iphone/phones. i would also like to be able to use it as a charge point for usb devices if possible.

5. second light for LHS of boot and also 12v socket point in boot (seen the guide on here)

6.daylight running lights for above fogs or might even buy fog lights with inbuilt DRL's.

7. save up to buy a new radio /cd player compatible with focus mk 2.5.


any other small cheap mods that anyone wants to suggest i will consider lol


Has anyone retro fitted rear discs instead of drums to mk2.5?


(pics to follow)