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26 October 2013 - 05:11 AM

I have just bought the last 2 hardtop with fixing kits that Ford have in the UK.

HOWEVER, although I have a detailed diagram and fixing instructions as well as the fixing instructions for the wiring to go behind the dash they have omitted to put the wiring in the hardtop kit...

I have to fix the brackets,(diagram supplied), then find someone who will be able to retro-fit me a connection for the electrics in the Hardtop as Ford tell me the wires from the dash/ fusebox are no longer available from Ford and would have to come from Germany but they think they are no longer made...

Would anyone have any ideas on running a connection through the car to supply the after-market Hardtop I have just purchased please?

Im quite angry really as in the booklet accompanying the hardtop and fixing brackets etc  the wiring is clearly noted as being in the kits I purchased.... But hey, ive got a hardtop now, just need the rear heater powering up...Can anyone help??? 07402 871226