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In Topic: Mondeo Tdci 2004 Flashing Glowplug And Cutting Out When Overtaking. Fixed Now

22 December 2014 - 06:59 PM

My car has the fuel pump on the engine NOT inside the tank.


Petrol cars normally have the pump inside the tank.


You must have a diesel as you have a flashing glowplug.


Luckily you fixed it by changing the filter.

In Topic: Water Ingress On Mk3 Mondeo

26 October 2014 - 10:42 PM

No I didn't take any pictures this time. Once the door inner panel is off and you turn on the hose


pipe you will soon see what you have to cover up. It is normal for water to get inside the door


just make sure it comes out of the holes at the bottom, on the OUTSIDE of the rubber seal on the


bottom of the door frame.


I found with the speaker removed from its hole in the door ( no need to remove the 2 wires ) the 


water did NOT get INSIDE the rubber seal, but as soon as the speaker was pushed in place the 


water dripped on to it and then dropped INSIDE the seal. This is probably the reason that some


speakers don't work. The water has corroded the wiring connection. Easily fixed with a minature


shower curtain hooked onto the speaker studs at the top.

In Topic: Water Ingress On Mk3 Mondeo

25 October 2014 - 02:31 PM

I had water in the rear footwell of my 2004 Mondeo and was easily fixed. The water came in though the horizontal window weather strip ( where the window slides up and down ). Even a brand new weather strip will not stop all of the rain water getting in.  It hits the SPEAKER and drops INSIDE the sealing rubber at the bottom of the door frame then fills the footwell.


All you have to do to fix it is to remove the door inner panel  ( 5 minute job ) and with a hose pipe you will see the water dripping in above the speaker. I found a roll of 5 inch  ( single brick ) damp proof membrane in my shed. This is thick plastic but any thick plastic sheet will do. I cut 3 lengths ABOUT 16 inches long X 5 inches wide. The speaker has 2 studs at the top. Make 2 holes the same width as these studs at the top of the three 5 inch strips.


Or just cut a fan shaped bit of thick plastic sheet  5 inches at the top X 16 inches down and about 12 inches wide at the bottom.


Remove speaker, then position the 3 plastic strips  ( LIKE A FAN OPENING WIDER AT THE BOTTOM ) at the top of the speaker on the studs so that the water does not touch the speaker but runs over the strips like a raincoat and ends up on the outer part of the door panel and then drips out of the normal hole at the bottom of the door.


That is all I did to fix the leak on one back door but I am sure all doors can be fixed the same way.


Good Luck



In Topic: Mondeo 2.0 Tdi 2004. How To Easily Remove The Alternator And Belt ( Many Phot...

22 August 2014 - 12:48 PM

You have to relieve spring pressure on the drop link so the bolt can be pushed out. Levering downwards is the only way to do that. Try it and you will see it will not damage anything. Obviously levering downwards with the bolts tight will break something.

In Topic: Mondeo Tdci 2004 Flashing Glowplug And Cutting Out When Overtaking. Fixed Now

19 August 2014 - 08:37 PM

I would phone the previous owner and ask where he got the injectors from because it sounds to me like one or more of the injectors have a leaking leakback valve so fuel pressure is reduced in the common fuel rail. Problem is it will cost about £450 to get all four injectors reconditioned as I did. But it did fix my cutout problems. You could do a leakback test on all four injectors, many web sites show how to do this using 4 plastic bottles.


If you look at the injectors you will see the leakback clips. Don't bother to try to take the plastic pipes off these clips as they will leak fuel all over the top of the engine. Go to a breakers yard or a Ford main dealers and purchase four new clips then you can make up a leakback test kit. You will need 4 plastic bottles + 4 new leakback clips + about 6 foot of plastic pipe cut into four 18 inch lengths. This is a standard testing kit they use at the garages. They quickly unclip the leakback pipes then clip on the test kit then start the engine and watch for which bottle fills up first then charge you £100 for doing it.