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Mondeo Tdci 2004 More Cutout Problems All Fixed Now

13 April 2015 - 04:29 PM

My previous cutout problem was when overtaking and was caused by low fuel pressure ( or fuel starvation ) in the common fuel rail due to worn out leakback valves in the injectors All OK when driving up to 60 mph and cured by reconditioning the injectors which is really just renewing the leakback valves inside the injectors. Read more in my forum write-up ( top of the list )
I now have a new cutout problem (flashing glowplug and instant engine off ) and was more difficult to fix. When I started to investigate my previous overtaking problem I changed the usual Camshaft Position Sensor WHICH DID NOT CURE ANYTHING then I found the injectors were the cause.
This time I replaced the Crankshaft Position Sensor WHICH AGAIN DID NOT CURE THE PROBLEM. 
Note: These Crankshaft Position Sensors are difficult to find if you don’t know where to look. Take out the battery and battery box also take out the air cleaner box complete ( 2 minute jobs ). You will find the cable to the sensor behind the silver EGR pipe and the sensor is very easy to change from the top ( not under the car ).
I noticed in the morning when the engine was cold it took about 5 miles before cutout occurred. It would not start straight away but after waiting about 2 minutes it would start again but then not last long.
I suspected a heat problem so took out the engine thermostat but it still cutout after same time. I disconnected the cylinder head temperature sensor ( same sensor for reading the gauge on instrument panel ) but still no difference.
When trying to start I loosened the high pressure pipe to one of the injectors and high pressure diesel squirted out. This proved there was no problem with the fuel pump. I was then just about ready to give up and take the car to the scrap yard when I realised I still had the original Camshaft Position Sensor.
I fitted this original Camshaft Position sensor ( black one ) and car started first time and is now fixed. NO MORE CUT OUT PROBLEMS.
The defective Camshaft Position Sensor was purchased NEW on ebay and was the modified Grey type and only lasted just over a year but only cost £ 9.99. If purchased from Fords they are about £40 each but still might not be reliable.
The moral of this story is to purchase 2 of the cheap £ 9.99 Camshaft Position Sensors and keep inside your car together with the socket to fit them. Its less than 5 mins to fit them, right at the front of the engine below the oil filler cap and a bit right . This will save you a lot of aggro and money.
If you need more advice just ask.