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In Topic: Non Ford Owners Opinions Of Fiesta St's

Today, 05:11 PM

Also as well, if I didn't want the fiesta and wanted to spunk 17k on a car regardless just to please other people and get Internet / Facebook points I'd spent it all on a TVR Tuscon in Chromaflair and just be boss, I'd cry about it in private as it'll constantly break, the rear window will fallout at speed and it will do about 9mpg but I'd still be a hero in the public (hopefully) but it's still !Removed! people harping on about a poxy 1.6 diesel beemer that's just one of those cars that most people bought just because it was a car and got from a2b. Prior to this I actually hated blue ovals but Ford really won me over with every aspect of the car bar the fact I don't have global opening. Would rather this thing and I'd be happy with it losing 10k in the first year, still delivers far more than a !Removed! hatchback that sensible / boring people buy just because the salesman was nice.

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In Topic: Radio Unit Led's????

Today, 05:04 PM

Go on crazyleds site they sell kits on there for the car and not just the radio. Issue is with these they have a polarity on them marked generally by a slit on one of the corners for positive, manufacturers don't do this and you have no real way of telling, get it wrong and it's stuck and a lot of hassle. I did notice with the clios board if you just placed the smd in place and touched the board with the soldering iron it put a positive current into it, you are the negative and the bulbs very dimly lit up, was the only way I could tell which way they went.

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In Topic: Can I Safely Run My Fiesta With The Mass Air Flow Sensor Disconnected?

Today, 05:01 PM

You'd kill the piston rings due to over fuelling but it'll work for a while, just get a 2nd hand one from the breaker or eBay.

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In Topic: Corsa Vxr

Today, 05:00 PM

Surprising tbh, what year was the vxr? The corsa is a lot heavier by a few hundred kgs iirc but it's 192ps on ob so not more powerful at all. The final gears are a lot longer though, I know it revs a lot lower at those speeds. Plus 1 for esp being off, tragedy you can't keep it off, just goes so much better and more eager down round the twisties as the vxr lot call them.

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In Topic: Non Ford Owners Opinions Of Fiesta St's

Yesterday, 10:12 PM

Imprezas do 25+mpg and solid build quality, 22b is the one to get though. Mitsis are !Removed! imo 15mpg and a service every 6k and slower 30-70 in 6th than a Fiat stilo no thanks. Beware the gtr though, running costs are as much as a porsche turbo everything for them is just eye wateringly expensive, hence the depreciation, no one wants them once they need a few bits, same as r8's really, can get the earliest ones for 30k but brakes are around £800 a set of discs lol

Did your mate actually buy a 116d?