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In Topic: Engine Bay Rattling And Loss Of Power

Today, 04:53 PM

Limp mode, not Limb, turns it nice and weak and usually limits the revs to prevent damage from occurring or putting you in a dangerous situation it traveling at high speed.


Glad it's sorted though dude, go out now and hit those speed limits.

In Topic: Questions For You Mk7 St Owners!

Today, 04:49 PM

Issue with the recaros isn't really the position,


Anyone else find the base is just too long, my stumpy little legs get worn out from constantly being pressed into them when using the clutch, it's on the lowest setting too and I sit quite close, makes my back ache in traffic from doing that, pushes you into the seat back and makes you go a funny angle.


When cruising and "doing the speed limit" I think they are pretty damn awesome, traffic bad = woeful

In Topic: Condensation!

Today, 01:32 PM

Stopping talking works quite well too, mines been fine for ages now.

In Topic: Fiesta Needs An Engine

Today, 01:00 PM

Don't forget the driveshaft's, ones from a Mondeo and Focus will be longer and may require customs which cost more than the car is worth ( some £800+ a pop )

In Topic: Car Conundrums!

Today, 12:56 PM

Brakes, Discs or pads.