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In Topic: Sporty Look Without The Bodykit?

Yesterday, 04:21 PM

Its the same bumper on all of them, just has pre cuts to fit diffusers and mouldings is all, so in theory once other bits added will be the same as other Zs etc

In Topic: Sad Times....

Yesterday, 03:56 PM

I wouldn't pay £5K for a Mk6 ST, not worth it at all, get a Ph1 Cooper S works, they are cheap to insure too, or a MINTER of a Clio 172 Cup for £1k and still be faster, they do 35MPG too.

In Topic: Induction Kit Or Air Filter

Yesterday, 03:46 PM

Turbo might be knackered at that age and mileage, smoke on start up is a sign, whats the history on the car like?


But £100 for that?????? LOL that's brilliant.

In Topic: Sporty Look Without The Bodykit?

Yesterday, 03:44 PM

It's from Ze Germans, sometimes aftermarket ones can be a !Removed! to fit but cheaper than the ST diffuser, maybe try and get one from a breakers yard? then just deck the car, problem with T and TX's the wheels just don't look "Sporty" if anything most resemble VX Snowflake wheels the old GSI range came with ( from the Astra H )


Can you change it to the ZS / ST grill? Maybe get the Front Valance from one, makes it look lower at the front this way, gentle drop of say 20MM will do it.


Exhaust style plays a part too, twin zorst can make it look taller, where as a single oval can make it look lower, Ep3 Civics do this when in fact they are gigantic motor, but twin zorsts are hassle dude, look up the clios, after a while due to being imbalanced they stretch the mounts and sag then you have to keep changing them at £30 a pop then bodge sockets into them to make them sit properly and then once corrosion sets in they break at the welds etc.


Nice big oval one will look good on the car, I'm thinking of getting one made up either a 5x3 or 6x4 if it fits.

In Topic: Induction Kit Or Air Filter

Yesterday, 12:36 PM

You get grey smoke on start up?