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In Topic: Jobs After 6Pm

Today, 12:06 PM

If you need to raise extra cash you could do what I did years ago.


Put it this way my job would never pay for the house I have without it.


takes a few K investment and a HUUUUUUUUGE pair of nuts but here goes.




I went to prague prior and burned all my money, some of the guys I was with there went into a Casino and lost a lot of money. we then hit the roulette table.


Somehow our technique worked.


you bet on a 3rd of the wheel coming in, not numbers 1-12 but an actual 3rd like 1,4,9 etc so you have a 1 in 3 change of winning, putting €10 on each number it was 36-1 payout so a €120 investment payed out €360, you then put say €20 on evens which is double and then say red or black for double again.


when you win something you can then get ballsier putting down like £100 on each one and start making K's.


It did work for me, I lost a !Removed! load of money trust me but I own my own place in Windsor and a G Wagen now ( previously Fiesta ST ) outright now at 28 years old.


Done nothing to deserve it but hey I took a stupid risk but the rewards were just too damn good to stop.


out of all the gambling ways we looked at this was the safest one by far.


obviously it's for lunatics with nothing to lose like I did but I got hooked on it and kept going and going with it. I don't do it anymore, I don't need to or want to, but the results speak for itself.


certainly better than working anyway.


Evening jobs also look at gyms, most are open until 11now and struggle to get evening staff due to their demographics being 18-25 year olds who hate working late.

In Topic: Drum Brakes?

Yesterday, 05:13 PM

No it's a complete pig esp on a fiesta, the first Fiesta that ever had discs was the ST so you'd need the rear beam of one of them.

In Topic: Firmer Steering On New Fiesta's

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

lol have you got a new one Willy? ST I trust?

In Topic: Things I Don't Like

Yesterday, 05:12 PM

they should pull a copy of it, technically it's an offence to leave the scene of a collision and this is evidence. report it to the Police and they say have the evidence. see how that goes.


OT Wine gums, not them so to speak, just enough just isn't enough, I need moooooooooooooooore!

In Topic: Things I Don't Like

Yesterday, 03:35 PM

tbf I hate horses on the road, they belong in a field not on concrete being paraded around by someone going look I've got a horse.


Develop a time machine and go on a crusade if you want to ride a horse I say, pretty unfair on the animal.


await points...