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In Topic: What Adrian Flux Discount????

Yesterday, 02:17 PM

Done well for yourself Mark, well done.

In Topic: What Adrian Flux Discount????

Yesterday, 01:58 PM

Retired at 56? Good work Sir. Public Sector perks eh?

In Topic: Curious Keyfree Question

Yesterday, 01:48 PM

There isn't a cut out in the Fiesta ST, I tried it, walked down the road to see and went about 400M way beyond the signal as they key had to be within like 1M to start it in the first place.

In Topic: Monthly Payments

Yesterday, 01:24 PM

Still cheaper, and they tax it for you and most of the time includes service, Ford always make you wait forever for warranty work let alone a courtesy car, going private everything gets sorted ASAP, plus they also have a general wear and tear rule, after 2 years the odd mark is expected and Ford on the other hand expect them back MINT and knock for any little mark.


Well worth it, just lump the cost and go for it, plus they are easier to terminate should you get any grief.

In Topic: What Adrian Flux Discount????

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

Aflux are just expensive end of, never ever ever come close to any policy I have ever got, they just use the forums and now defunct magazines to portray they were the best, try getting a quite for a modded car with them, I bought a £300 body kit for my old rover 220 Turbo, wasn't with them but they came back with a quote that was unaffordable, like an extra £2k back in the day, was only paying £60 odd a month for the car running a high boost kit @260BHP as it was, stupid prices.


Greenlight all the way.