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In Topic: New Fiesta 1.0 Echboost But Of Advice?

Today, 04:34 PM

Link to Angel Eyes? proper ones though and no pikey cheap ebay "kits"

In Topic: 2011 Zetec S Torque Wrench Value & Brake Dust Question.

Today, 03:56 PM

drums don't produce much dust, check mine out, all 4 wheels are black at the moment.

In Topic: Abused Fiestas

Today, 03:55 PM

it isn't really dumping and yanking the clutch that kills it, it's sitting on the clutch pedal in traffic and wearing it out that way that does it, no one on driving lessons does as the instructor watches over it.


Same as gearboxes, people using the gear stick as an armrest does them in pretty bad.

In Topic: Legal Cover: Yay Or Nay?

Today, 03:52 PM

That's odd, because my wife is. being serious too not trolling.


Had 2 in the past 2 years and cannot have another otherwise she gets banned and then loses her job etc.

In Topic: Mk1 Focus Rs Arches

Today, 12:28 PM

No, they rust from the underside out, they are plastic over the same metal as the regular focus. in fact would make it worse and you'll need to cut it and drill it to hold them on. plus you'll need the skirts and probably rear bumper too, then the whole front end otherwise it'll look stupid.


the arches are probably worth more than 1.8 2001 focus anyway, better advice, just buy another car that isn't rusty.