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Company Car

14 May 2015 - 09:38 AM

Morning All,


So new job starts on 01/06 and I get to chose a company car from the pic attached or inserted or whatever, maybe it won't even work who knows.


Thinking 308? best spec and most economical, 2nd most eco car in the UK behind the 208, interior on these actually looks good.


Focus seems like a pants spec and crap engine and not even looking at a fiesta, would be a downgrade after owning an ST.


What think?


12 May 2015 - 11:33 AM

Anyone noticed the new adverts? "she winked at you" name was some Russian name or similar.


Not sure if they are the kind that will benefit anyone on here, could contain links to some dubious sites.

Parking Charge Petition

11 May 2015 - 09:22 AM

So as discussed I will be creating a petition this week to try and limit the cap on fees.


It will be aimed to.


Cap the Charge at 1.5X the daily rate, Charges were supposed to be to recover lost revenue on the parking space, no parking bay makes £100 a day, it cannot when the most I have discovered is £65 a day in Chelsea NCP, discounted to full daily rate if paid within 14 days, no one will be at a loss then.


For when pursuing charges evidence to be submitted to the offender in advance to see the proof that it was in fact their car, at the time and without a ticket and or in the wrong space.


For tickets to be placed correctly, affixed to the windscreen and not tucked under the Wipers, in winter you cannot see them after 5PM when returning to the car and turning the wipers on immediately, more common with automatic wipers they can be wiped off and not discovered, in point a paid ticket to be discarded and then a chaser letter is sent and the "offender" had no back up.


Additions welcome but be constructive.

Serious Question For Logical And Clever People

08 May 2015 - 02:39 PM

Right, something that has been bugging me for a few weeks now.


anyone seen in the news over the past couple of week about the 2 Children that died in Corfu from CO poisoning? there are a lot of lies and refusals going on from their old CEO and current staff in the court case.


Fact is.........I used to work for them and actually have the files, internal docs and when they say this is the only case, I assure you all it isn't, deaths anyway yes but I've had them post 2006 where people have been found unconscious.


Plus they still do not properly check the properties they sell and the staff are unqualified.


Question is, I really want the right thing to come from this, for them to be made to own up for their mistakes, shortcomings and negligence.


But would I be doing anything illegal by forwarding this to QC representing the family?


I would hate it if they walked from this unscathed, I will effectively be ending my relationship with the travel industry by doing so but I am leaving it for pastures new, seems like a parting gift to give it all bit of a shake up.

Kill The Parking Firms

20 April 2015 - 12:06 PM

Thought about this for a while now.


Who on here is up for helping me create a petition for the next parliament.


Simply put to make parking fines fair and reasonable.


I would like to create one that inflicts a cap on the fine @ 1.5X the maximum daily rate, the whole idea of these fines was supposed to make up for financial loss they incur by non tariff payers taking up spaces etc.


Anyone up for helping out on this, I'm sure with the powers of car forums we could raise over 100K sigs to get it into parliament it can be started on the 11/05 I believe when the site comes back online.


Fed up with people taking the mickey over a few £ or a few measley minutes.