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Things I Don't Like

24 February 2015 - 02:37 PM

Afternoon all.

Thought I'd try and create a thread to share the negativity of daily life and thing we dislike everyday.

I'll go first.

Sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting to be seen after being bitten by a spider and it's full of non tax payers higher up the queue than me.

KFCs new fries

Fuel prices going up again.

What's upset you today.

(Not a time to be needy)


13 February 2015 - 05:17 PM



Bet your eyes lit up then mods eh?


Question for everyone though inc Mods on here,


But does anyone find Moderators on other sites are complete and utter idiots, I'd like to use another word but swear filter n all.


I get the impression that some were bullied as kids as take their pain out on people via the internet due to having some kind of "authority"


I know I got off on the wrong foot with namely Jeebo, Stoney and the other guy in a Mondeo but I actually think you guys do a brilliant job of it tbh.


Now I haven't gone all Rambo on another site I mearly bumped a sales ad, that ended up 5 pages down and the 4 pages before that was all sold items so what chance did I have of selling it??? I did raise this but resulted in a ban lol


thanks to TOR no forum can be rid of me and it's been relisted since with different wording, spelling, gramma, pics and other misc ways round it but seriously some sites just cannot help themselves.


Any one get any grief elsewhere? doesn't have to be a name and shame but share your pain.


Apologies if Mods don't want TOR mentioned on here.



End Of An Era

13 February 2015 - 05:07 PM



Well not been on properly for a while.


Fiesta has ended in spectacular fashion after a collision with a HGV, typically a PL plated one.


Braked in front of me with no lights, I swerved but too late the front left pillar smashed into the bed of the trailer and turns out it's irreparable, pulled the roof in slightly and it just cannot be done.


But 5-0 came and verified the brake lights were not working so liability has been admitted by the Haulage company in Poland who were fully legit, full payout on the car and even F*** me the GAP insurance came through.


Haven't bothered with a PI claim, not majorly hurt and I got over it after a few days.


Didn't fancy a new one / another one, I did 19K in it since March and doesn't work that well as a commuter bus so I bought a lovely Merc G320 CDI, perfect for Mways and I get near enough the same economy out of it, does an epic 3MPG on full boost. god help any car that pulls out in front of it though, proper baller motor too.


Is this the end for owning Frauds, no...


I am on the hunt for a non rotten but not mint Fiesta RS Turbo, a white one. seems they are now as rare as rocking horse !Removed! in white or they just cost as much as a Fiesta ST mint.


Hope everyone is well.



Stupid Deal

19 January 2015 - 01:08 PM

So Wife's lease deal is up next few weeks.


So took to tinternet this weekend and low and behold.


Fiesta 125 ZS with Met Paint, 8K PA, £1200 and a stupidly low £115 PM in VAT.


Simply cannot get a better deal on any new like for like or even inferior car.


I really don't want her to have a ZS but took her to Fraud to try and it and she liked it so whatever the deal is done and just waiting 14 days to get it now.


Ford are seriously doing themselves out of new car sales with this discounting to online firms,


same deposit directly comes to £279PM doing it online, just such a good deal. who cares for £115PM when it includes servicing etc???


The salesman we leeched a test ride off was also a flid, said the tax is quite cheap at £130PA?? good sales pitch bro, first thing he said when she looked at it within 30 seconds was " what do you think? is this your next new car? drives beautifully doesn't it?" this was before she even sat in it. idiot.


Anyway, all you ZS wanting / loving people on here just get a lease deal on it, simply no comparison to be had anywhere else in the UK right now on these things.


Plus for the record Willy and Big Rog, now been in a ZS and no notable difference in between the 100's and 125s, honestly there isn't.

Another Fleabay Issue

03 January 2015 - 03:23 PM

Afternoon all.

After some advice please.

Recently sold one of my many Virtual Boys, a US one not the cheaper Japanese ones on ebay.

I had the postage and payment down as UK only as no way in hell and I sending this thing overseas.

But a guy from Sweden bought it yesterday has not paid for it via PayPal but sent me a message asking for an invoice.

He's not getting it unless he comes and picks it up himself but I how do I get out of this. My advert and settings for the sale were clear. UK Only and PayPal only.

I can relist for free at present. But I don't want eBay coming after as it sold for £950 and don't want to be debited £95.

Any thoughts?

I haven't contacted them yet to say this but they are so unhelpful to sellers.