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Adam Barnett

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Foc Window Stickers...

28 November 2013 - 10:46 PM

Does anyone have the dimensions of the window stickers? Want to measure up and see how big they'll be/look in my rear windows! (Haven't looked to see how they look on other people cars as I haven't got around to exploring the entire forum!)


Focus St170

04 November 2013 - 08:20 PM

Basically, got quite a few plans for my little motor so thought i'd start a thread and let you all see it progress!

Car started as a bog standard 2004, silver ST170, 80,000 miles and i am the 3rd owner from new!

All that i have done so far is lowered it on coilovers and had BBS RS wheels fitted!


As it was... 



Got some new wheels and coilovers on!







Thats all that's happened so far, but on the cards are;

-Slight more lowering to remove the arch gap

-FlyEye headlights and rear fogs

-Vinyl wrapped roof


Anyone got anysuggestions as to what colour to do the roof? Thinking of either gloss black or matt grey (any photoshops would be wicked ;) )

So yeh, watch this space!

New To This!

31 October 2013 - 08:37 PM

Hello all, basically was introduced to the site today through a friend who uses the site so thought id set up and have a go!


I'll start by showing what i drive! It's a 2004 ST170 in Silver, 80,000 miles, and i'm the third owner from new.


Just put on a set of BBS alloys and coilovers- im not 100% with how it is sitting at the minute, so it shall be going lower over the next few days! On the cards are to get a few small dings sorted and a smooth front and rear bumper!







Since I'm at it, may aswell share my Dads' car too- MK2 Focus RS, 14,000 miles, pretty tidy example! Modifications include FlyEyes tint, Superchips re-map, and a mongoose exhaust.









Thanks, comments welcome :D