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In Topic: Order delivery time

10 April 2009 - 08:26 AM


I have not found the USB port in the dashboard, although it does have a picture of it in the owners manual. I would ask the dealer again!! :angry:

On a positive note, the car is superb and well worht waiting for! :D

That's great news. Please, see if yours comes with USB plug in glove compartment and let me know, as when placing order there was no USB as option anymore and dealer said it comes with it as standard now.

In Topic: Order delivery time

06 April 2009 - 09:28 PM

Thanks for the info. I have today recivd confirmation that my shiny new black X sport has bn delivrd to the dealership today ( 6 wks from order date ). i will be collecting it tomorrow.

Enjoy your car when it arrives.

Nathan :D

At this point, Western Europe delivery estimate vary between 8 and 16 weeks. Trust me, it's good. At the second half of 2008, due many orders and strike at Genk factory, delivery was up to 25 weeks. Since September 2008, russian factory is producing Mondeo for Eastern Europe market so delivery is down to 8-16 weeks.
Ford sales got down 48% since beginning of the year but they are still working hard to deliver 2008 orders.
I have placed my order at 21st of January 2009 and, as dealar said, should have my car delivered last week this month (April).

In Topic: Titanium X Sport Diesel

12 March 2009 - 10:56 AM

I am about to take delivery of a new Titanium X Sport diesel and was wondering if anyone had any tips on if I need to run it in.

Hi, Sorry I can't help. I have just ordered the X sport and wandered how long you have had to wait for your's to be delivered?