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Communication Skills (Getting Old?)

24 October 2015 - 10:17 AM

OK, so I'm in my late 50's and when I was a kid I used to get fed up when old folk used to complain about the way youngsters did things. I vowed to try and avoid falling into the same trap when I was their age. So it is with some hesitation that I'm actually posting this.


There are people who believe our langauge is constantly evolving and some who believe it should be set in stone. My position is somewhere in the middle. We went through a period where people wrote in txt format because that's what they did on their (pre-smartphone) mobile phone. It was understandably quicker to do that with the slow input speed of those keyboards. Things are not so bad today with the superior keyboards and predictive text our smartphones have.


Should we still be writing in perfect English with perfect grammar and correct punctuation? I'm not suggesting we should jump on every mis-spelling or apostrophe that's in the wrong place.... that really would be anal but I've just read a technical post in one of the car specific forums where I genuinely have not been able to understand what the poster was saying because of poor punctuation and spelling. This can't be good for the poster with the problem because people who might be able to help him, hold back because they don't understand what he's saying.


Please excuse me while I put my flak jacket on and open another pack of Wurthers Originals. ;)