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Ford Focus Steering Wheel Vibration

16 February 2015 - 08:36 PM

Hi everyone,

I 'd like to call on the knowledge of you guys regarding a problem i'm experiencing with my focus 04 1.6.

Last year around march i had new front brake discs and pads.

for the last couple of weeks when i brake at around 35mph or more i get what i can best describe as a tremble through the steering wheel.it is most felt if i barely touch the wheel with my fingertips while braking. does not seem to happen below 30. i don't think i feel much on the brake pedal.

my mechanic took it out today and said sometimes it does not happen and felt it was the abs kicking in due to rust particles in or on the hub ring giving the sensor(s) false impression. he doesn't think its disc issues because when he took it out today it did not happen every time.

i dont get the fairly strong pedal on off effect when abs kicks in on an icy road at low speeds.

he's proposing to deal with the rust particles by i think removing both the front disc and wheel bearing assemblies, cleaning and reassembling.

He had the wheels off and tried to clean up where the sensors pick up on the front wheels.Sorry i'm not familiar, is there a ring on the hub where the sensors pick up from?

any suggestions? i dont want to throw a chunk of money for it to still be there after.

sorry if i got some of the above wrong, i'm not at all familiar with abs!

ps no issues at all when not braking.