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10 November 2013 - 09:24 PM

Hello to everyone, my name is Mihailo, but i've always been called Mike!

I'm in Staffordshire, and own a 54 reg 1.6LX Focus. I have to say its been a great car, although i have spent alot on it recently, its been super reliable. In my past years i've owned many Capris, including 3.0S, 2.0S, and others. I'm a big american car fan, and i've been very privileged to have owned a mag featured 66 289 V8 fastback. I've also owned a Ford 68 Torino GT, 70 Mach One and other mustangs. my dream car is the 1970 Boss 302!

Nice to meet you all!



Speedo Advice Please

10 November 2013 - 07:45 PM

Hello to everyone, i'm a new member needing some advice.

I have a 54 focus 1.6LX petrol, done 145K, and been a superb car.

For about 6 months the speedo has suddenly dropped to zero and after a few seconds back to normal while driving. Probably at least once a day. Now the lag before returning to normal is sometimes alot longer. I just did another road test, and only speedo affected, does not appear to affect any other display or radio volume/odometer display.ie no --- on odometer.

I dont want to spend wasted money on unnecessary work. Does this sound like a potential cluster issue, or more likely a sensor problem? I came across a respected forum comment that it was a faulty sensor seal on the final drive. I have no idea as i'm not that technically inclined.

can any members offer possible cause?


Many thanks