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#304241 Advice On Possible Mods!

Posted by njosefx on 11 November 2013 - 09:11 AM

White bulbs,
I recommend Osram cool blue or Philips blue vision,
While your there I recommend you change the indicator bulbs to silvatec gets rid of the fried egg appearance,
Also fit some 5 smd 6000k can-bus T10 parking bulbs in both the headlights and in the rear reg plate lights.
If you buy from halfords they will fit them for you, so you won't be responsible for removing the headlight yourself and the end results will be the same ;)
K&N filter
Yes will make a slight difference and is a popular mod.
Race Chip
Be sceptical of this type of 5H1T which is exactly what it is.
These the of boxes can do more damage than good,
Most work by either fitting to your MAF sensor and tricking the car in to thinking its -10 degrees outside this causes the car to run rich I.e. chuck in more fuel than necessary all of the time.
End result it will give you more power,
It will case your oil to get dirty quicker,
It will shorten the life of your engine
And it will do nothing for fuel economy.
The other tuning boxes fit to the fuel rail which causes relatively the same thing, over fueling the engine.
Same down sides as above.
But at the end of the day its your car and your choice.
If it was mine,
Id go with the lights and induction filter,
Id then look in to fitting a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, 200 cell catylist leading to a 2" cat-back
This type of system fitted along with your induction filter and an ecu remap will give you around 15bhp gains aswell as sounding good.
So your new figure would be 140bhp,
It wont ruin your fuel econemy like the tuning boxes,
If you drive easy it will be economical as it currently is.
Only when you drve hard will it eat fuel,
Compared to fitting a tuning box which will eat fuel all of the time,
Choice is yours though.
And i wouldnt believe the figures on the box or ebay listing.
Because only turbo cars get 30% increase from a remap or tuning box still down side of fitting tuning box to a turbo engine is that it doesn't regulate boost like an ecu remap does.
In any case tuning boxes or chips just chuck in fuel constantly, its not true power in my eyes its a mounting up maintenance bill..
Naturally apirated get 15% gains maximum
A perfect example of gimic mods is this video i will link below from mightycarmods
Aso if your looking for modification ideas such as lighting
Click on my avator picture to view the list of guides linked on my profile
As for lowering,
I'm almost 100% sure the zetecS spec comes with the eibah 35mm lowering springs already fitted,
So if you want lower fit some fully adjustable coilovers.
Overall though being your first car,
Id take a year to master 125bhp before seeking more power.

Thank you for the reply!

I definitely want to do the lighting you suggested, but I am far from good with DIY and I really don't want to ruin the car by doing something stupid trying to remove the headlights, Is that the only way of changing the bulbs?

As for the Racechip I was very surprised when it said it would get 147hp without dyno before and after it will be very hard to see the Gains, I know a guy called Ray @ West Tuning and he does custom remaps I will have a look what he says about all this! And this Zetec S isn't the 1.6 natural aspirated, it's the 1.0 Turbo Ecoboost engine

I have to say I forgot that the Zetec S came with eibah springs which are already lowered, will pass on that one!

Thank you very much for answering all my questions about the mods!

#304232 Advice On Possible Mods!

Posted by njosefx on 11 November 2013 - 09:02 AM

You'll have to remove the headlights to change the bulbs.

I've heard some people have done it without having to thank the headlights out, because to be honest I'm far from confident!

#304211 Advice On Possible Mods!

Posted by njosefx on 11 November 2013 - 12:56 AM

Hi guys,

I have a list of possible mods I want to do on my 2013 Fiesta Zetec S 125hp and I just wanted to see your opinions on the mods, pro's, con's etc

I will attach a few picture but be warned they aren't very good pictures I haven't picked the car up yet, I can pick it up Monday evening so will get better photos then!


White Xenon Headlight Bulbs - Will need a guide on how to replace them without removing headlights
K&N Filter - More induction noise
RaceChip - Claims to achieve 147hp
Sprint Booster - Better throttle response
Lowering Springs - Better handling but will only lower by 35-45mm

Please if you have any advice on why I should or shouldn't do them it will be greatly appreciated, as I am a first car owner and this is the first ford In the family usually Mercedes


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