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Need urgent help on Coil Spring for ST200 (99) question!

10 May 2009 - 08:59 AM


I selling my beautiful ST200 to my friend and my luck has as usual shown me a clear example of what it can do and shot a coil spring through the tyre, the day before the new owner comes to pick it up! Nightmare! :(

With it being a sunday, I can't get in touch with Ford directly as, no body appears to be home. (Thank you ford after sales).

Now, I have manged to get hold of a aftermarket parts supplier who have a spring, however its listed as just a mondeo and not ST200. (The Size is 2.1 if that helps)

My question is will a standard spring the same throughout the Mondeo mk3 group? IE Mondeo Zetec and ST200? My head tells me no and it's a main dealer job, but I just want to check with some gurus.


A very unluck Ben.

ST200 - Flickering Lights?

13 March 2009 - 09:36 AM

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum as I have just an ST200. Have I made a mistake? Well it all depends on the answer to my problem I am having. It's birth was Sept 1999 if that helps.

When driving with my lights on they appear to dim and brighten, in a sort of surge like way. I think it may be linked to my alternater, however the battery light doesn't appear. I wouldn't be bothered if it wasn't noticable, but it is! You could think I was flashing you out, which could be a real problem if i'm not careful! I havne't really noticed anything else other than it sometimes (less than often) jerks, but doesn't feel like a missing fire. Don't take a full on mechano dude, I have general knowledge to get me by, but thats about it.

So, can anyone help me with my problem, and possibly provide a nice cost effective fix?

Everyone knows you always go to look at a car during the day and not the night! Well, when it comes to this car I should of done both.

Thanks reading, hope somone can help/advise and if your really feeling generous fix! lol

Thanks again,