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Testing Heater Control Valve

04 December 2013 - 06:47 PM

I've been told to test my heater control valve with a multi meter but I'm unsure what to do so could any one help me please

Help Heaters Don't Work

02 December 2013 - 05:45 PM

My heaters don't work on my streetka , when I've been driving for about 30mins I can feel a little bit off heat getting blown throu the heaters but nothing much even when the heaters are all switched off . Could it be the heater control valve and are the heaters all the same on the ka's

Streetka Lower Arm

28 November 2013 - 08:35 PM

How easy/hard is it to fit a new lower arm on streetka
Is it a job for a garage or could it be done by yourself

Lower Arms On Streetka

28 November 2013 - 05:02 PM

How easy/hard is it to fit new lower arms on streetka

Streetka Problems

12 November 2013 - 06:33 PM

I bought a 04 plate streetka last month , firstly the heaters don't work at all but when the engine is fully warm you can feel a little bit off warm air coming from the vents and that happends no matter if the heaters are switched on or off , secondly the water / coolant likes to disappear . There's no wet patches under car so really don't understand where it's going . I need to fill it up everyday with water it's not overheating and it's running find but these two problems are really confusing as a lot off garages are all saying different things .