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Registration Plate Query - Border Or Not?!

14 August 2014 - 05:21 PM



I need to replace my horrible Arnold Clark registration plates as they are all water marked, plus they were attached using screws! (Pet hate of mine!)


I can't decide if I want the thin black border outline on them or not.. I had them on my silver golf and it looked pretty good, I didn't bother with my red bmw but I think they looked pretty cheap.


My fiesta is black and has the chrome front end.. basically I'm looking for some photos of your regy plates! Preferably on a black fezza!


I was using the registration plate creator on Demon Plates to 'toggle' the border on and off and I can't decide.


Might seem silly but I know it will annoy me if I get it wrong lol.


Cheers team,




PS I'll not be putting any stickers or slogans on it and I'll attached them using tape!