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Mk7.5 Registration Plate Lights

19 March 2014 - 05:13 PM



I've been doing a bit of reading about replacing my number plate lights on my Mk7.5 Fiesta. Has anyone got photo's of their own?


When I had my golf I bought a full LED light cluster from Germany for £40 and to be fair they were cool but super bright. I don't even know if I would go for LED ones on the fiesta, it's just the standard yellow ones make it look so crap at night especially considering they fit it with drl's etc.


Oh and where you got them!  B)


Like I say, I might even opt for brighter bulbs rather than ropy eBay led ones that break, I just want rid of the yellow!


Cheers team, Gary.




Help.. Nail In Tyre 205/40R/17

14 February 2014 - 02:38 PM


Had to put some air in my tyre, looked pretty soft.. Found a nail in it.

Checked with a local tyre and exhaust place and kwik fit. They are both stating I'll need a new tyre?!

Cheapest I can get a Continental Sport 5 is 101 from Camskill which would be 105 delivered however I'd still need to get it fitted. I recon I could get it fitted for 10 from a place next door to my work.

Kwik Fit are stating 140 but online I can order and put it in for 132 and the local garage is 144!!

So gutted.. I recon this happend when I went to B&Q to align my headlights... That's what I get for being a cheap skate and doing it myself.

Anyone think it can be repaird or anyone got a better price I could get for the tyre? I'm going to keep with Continental at the moment.... the tread is perfect on all the tyres too!!!!

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Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited And Philips Silver Vision

12 February 2014 - 06:27 PM

I told myself I wouldn't start mucking around with the Fiesta........ but it's started :P . 
My 3 series had really good xenon's which tracked the car in front and had auto high beam which has probably set my standard a bit high, but none the less, I felt that the stock bulbs that come with the Titanium X are pretty poor.
I bought Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H7 12V 55W to use as my dipped headlights and after reading and following Rogue_Shadow's how-to (Cheers mate :D)
I decided to get Philips Silver Vision indictor bulbs. 
I took me a while to release when I was on AutoBulbs why it said my main beam bulbs were H15 and more importantly I couldn't get any decent makes of bulbs in that size. First off if your headlights have DRLS then your in the same boat as me and your main beam is a H15 - Nae luck.... and I don't really have an answer to the second apart from a quick Google search pretty much shows H15 bulbs being used as 'DRL' halogen lights on several types of car. I don't quite follow how the same type of bulb can be a DRL and a High Beam but who knows. 
I got stuck in about the replacement of the headlights today and once they were complete I went and got another set of the Philips Silver Vision to do the rear.... honestly, I'm promise I'm not mucking around with it!!!! :oops:  
The front got changed over no problem but the plastic screw on the offside light cluster must have been put on by a body builder or a machine, it took ages to try and get it loose.
All posts are pretty much pants without some photos so I've attached some below.
All in all from what I can tell the Osram Night Breakers are they are a lot brighter, definitely no blue colours coming from them but just how good they are I'll need to report back.
I really need to align my headlights so that's next on the to-do list.

Quick Clear Windscreen

31 December 2013 - 02:18 AM


That's me had my car for roughly 4 weeks now.

I've got a question about the quick clear on the front windscreen. I've not found it that effective, if effective at all. The problem so far is that is hasn't iced over yet. I'm beginning to wonder of its working. I've watched some youtube videos on how it works and what it's like when it breaks down the ice on the window...

I take it, it should assist in clearing away the usual moisture on the windows. The temperature up here has been dropping at night so when you get in the car you need the blowers on full to clear away the condensation.

I've not once noticed this front window clearing any quicker. I've tried stopping the fans and the AC and it don't look like this quick clear is doing anything. The rear window cleans like a treat every time..

What I'm wondering is if it really is only good for the ice or not regular demisting of the front window?!

Is there any wee tricks I can do to bring up any error codes that would corroborate my theory?

The menu in the car is reporting no faults!

Failing this I'll need to wait till it freezes over and check myself lol :blink:

Cheers team.


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Hello! Just Got My First Ford!

10 December 2013 - 02:29 AM

Hello everyone!


Just got my first ford! I drive them all the time in work and know how reliable they are!


I've just traded in my 2007 E92 BMW 330D Coupe and now have a.........


Mk7 Fiesta

EcoBoost (1.0L 125BHP)

Titanium X


with the street pack and I love it!!!!


£0 Road TAX! - WOW!


Only 4k on the clock, so it's the newest car I've ever owned!


Picked it up on Friday so I'm still working it all out, so far I'm getting 45MPG which is just unreal. 


First fill up took 40L and only cost £52! I'm loving the figures already.


Took 6 weeks waiting for the right spec'd one to come up before I took the hit on my beemer but so far, so good!


I've not taken any good photos yet but I gave it my first clean today... Snowfoam, 2BM and towel dry - paint work is brilliant *touch wood*


Here he/she is... my "unnamed" fezza!


Cheers, Gary.