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Today, 08:03 AM

Oil filters need to be cleaned every X miles as MattDRX suggests - cleaning usually involves some sort of chemical fluid to clean it, and then you have to re-oil it again afterwards.
Also bear in mind most tests of these filters show LESS power than the stock paper filters - it's usually just a couple of ponies that escape, but I thought you might want to know.

Yeah, I no there will be a slight loss. As long as it gives out a decent noise then I'll be happy

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Today, 08:02 AM

Just take note of those j1 kits where it says pre-oiled, so I assume they mean you have to oil it at X intervals to avoid the car sucking in bits of filter and ultimately killing it?
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Yeah, I understand that. I've got a k & n panel filter just now so I would have to do it anyways

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Today, 08:01 AM

Yep, like the ones higher up the page.

I just got this one - http://www.j1automot...-202061001.html

I won't need a box with it and I can just use the original clamps and I'll also buy a solid hose

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Yesterday, 11:54 AM

these are a bit cheaper
If you find out the size of the J1 or others you know will fit, then see if which cheaper universal ones have the same dimensions.

That one at £51 is a good price but woudnt I need the box, hose and clamps too?

In Topic: Cone Filter??????

26 July 2014 - 01:26 PM