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In Topic: 1.6 Tdci Dpf Delete

Yesterday, 07:28 PM

I would recommend Avon Tuning near Bristol - not near you but it would make a nice day out in the west country!  Seriously though I drive a lot further than you to get there and they have a lot of customers who come from Yorkshire and further due to their good reputation in customer service. 

In Topic: Tyre Psi Question

Yesterday, 07:24 PM

Yeah it is a bit early, I could get some more miles out of them but don't like to let them get much lower than 3mm. And it is an ST so you can imagine the kind of driving that the front tyres have to deal with ;)


You're probably right about running at higher pressures if you get a better ride, but you might have a bit less grip when you really need it.


Fair enough, I probably don't even push my 1.6TDCi as hard as I could but can imagine they wouldn't last as long on something with more go.

In Topic: Tyre Psi Question

Yesterday, 02:39 PM

Fronts ready for replacement at 13k miles?  Thats insanely early.


I run mine at 38-40psi all round, mainly motorway or A road driving and find the ride better than at lower pressures.  Tyre walls state max 51psi so theres no issue with over-inflating  I use Michelin Primacy or Energy+ and get better mpg at those pressures, and they last 45-50k miles between changes.

In Topic: Turbo And Egr

27 July 2015 - 02:21 PM

Terra-Clean charging 380euro to clean DPF

MFK Autocare charge 350euro to cut it open and gutt it then remap ecu far better job lads cleaner ;)

Terra-Clean charging 5h1t the bed 400euro to clean the EGR 400!!

Ebay sell Stainless Steel EGR blanking plates for less than 5 euro shipped!!
Once blanked doesnt need cleaned.

Terra-Clean standard fuel injector clean is reasonable enough though
135 euro for engine below 2.0ltr


I was thinking exactly the same thing when I saw the DPF and EGR clean prices on that website - does include a normal Terraclean in that price though.  You could get shot of both problems for life for cheaper and then pay seperately for the Terraclean.


The specialist tuning place I have used a couple of times now does Terraclean as well so I will definately be going there sometime soon after all the good stuff I have heard about it.

In Topic: Failed Glow Plugs Lead To Limp Mode

27 July 2015 - 12:40 PM

Agreed, easy to test as long as you identify that they could be the issue.  Without access to the fault code or loads of research I wouldn't have even thought to check them in the first place.  My inital thought would be that the car starts fine so it wouldn't be the glow plugs, but now I know better LOL.