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Rumbling Noise At Speed

04 June 2015 - 10:33 AM



I did a 300 mile round trip this week and started to hear a rumbling noise on the motorway at specific speeds.  Basically this happens as I get to 58mph on the speedo, then goes away when I accelerate faster, but comes back at 68mph.  Again it disappears, or at least is very much reduced above this at least up to 75mph.  It is not engine related as the noise is the same if I accelerate, decelerate or just coast in neutral, uphill or downhill and not affected by bends in the road.  I can't tell where the noise is coming from exactly because I am driving and can't crawl around at the same time, but I'll ask my passenger to do this next time I have one.  Apart from that there is no change in the car handling or fuel consumption.


I just got the timing belt done last week so thought maybe they didn't tighten up the under engine tray or something and that this was causing vibration - but I checked this and it all looks ok.  I got new front tyres about a month ago as well so I thought maybe its balancing but the balancing weights and pressures look to be ok.


Its weird that it comes and goes at exact speeds.  Is there anything mechanical I can check before taking it in to a mechanic, bearing in mind I don't have a ramp but can take off wheels and crawl around the car if needed.



thanks in advance for any iseas.

Timing Belt And Performance

21 May 2015 - 07:21 PM

Just had the timing belt done, including aux belt, water pump and recharge air con - car 8 years old and 105k miles.  Should I notice any difference in the way it drives compared to just before it going in for the job?  I have to say I didn't notice anything on the short drive home from the garage.


One other thing, the garage ran the car at idle with the bonnet up for a good hour and a half after doing the job - is that normal and just to check that everything is ok?  Can't think of any ofther reason and only saw it on the dashcam afterwards so couldn't ask them.

Mk2 Exterior Door Handle Broken

17 February 2015 - 03:29 PM

Hi, my driver's door handle broke a while back and I have been managing since by openning the back door and reaching in to open the front using the inside handle, or asking the passenger to open it for me, or leaving the window open and reaching in that way.  I'm getting fed up of that, and my MOT tester told me it is a reason for a fail so I should sort it out soon.  The handle pulls out and springs back when released, but it just doesn't do anything to open the door.


It broke when I tried to open it - I heard a metalic noise of something falling down the inside of the door so I'm guessing it a metal clip or something that has sheared off.  I have been reluctant to open up the door card as I will probably end up driving with it in pieces for ages until I get around to buying the replacement part, once I find out what it is.  Is this a common problem, and what part is it likely to be?  I'll probably just have to take the card off to have a look, but is there something specific I should look for (I'm hoping its just a clip and not a whole new handle mechanism)?  as an aside my wife's VW had the same thing but it was the inside handle and it turned out to be the plastic moulding on the door card that holds the cable to the lock mechanism - so I just cable tied it back together.  Hope its as simple on the Ford.

Heated Front Windscreens

12 February 2015 - 01:03 PM

Hi, since owning the Focus which has an electrically heated windscreen I have found this one of the best innovations on it, especially this time of year.  I'm always amazed that even much higher spec and expensive cars from other brands don't have this and I had understood that Ford owns the patent and wouldn't share it with others.  Funny  that all cars have rear heated windows but not front ones, but there you go.


Then last night I saw an advert on TV for Vauxhall claiming that all their new cars now have this exact feature - how did that suddenly happen?  And on Vauxhall of all makes, have they bought a license from Ford or developed it themselves without infringing on Ford's IP?  I guess we will see this on more than just Ford and Vauxhall in the near future.

Mk 2 Reverse Switch

05 January 2015 - 01:30 PM

I got a few jobs done around the car over the holidays, including replacement of the reverse switch which has been playing up, first intermitent and then completely stopped working and I was getting fed up of not seeing anything when reversing in the dark and reverse sensors not coming on.  I put the multimeter on the old one which showed that the ball needs to be pushed in completely to register a short circuit and there was some resistance if not pushed in fully, so maybe getting worn out.  The new one gave a short circuit even when not fully pushed in.


Euro Car Parts had three different ones come up on the search using my reg no but they narrowed it down to one in the shop so I took that one.  You can see from the photo that the new one on the left has a shorter body and longer threded section so I was a bit unsure of fitting it.


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The longer thread means that it fouls in the gearbox when selecting reverse gear and stops it going in.  The solution was to unscrew a few turns until the gear can be selected without resistance on the gear stick which at frst I was unsure about in case it starts unthreading itself or does not seal properly and could start to leak.  There is an o ring which I think is pushed into the threaded section to seal it, and it needed a wrench to turn it (wouldn't turn by hand) so tried that it so far there is no oil leaking from the gearbox or anything.


Anyone else come up against this, and if so did you do the same?  My only other complaint is the lack of working space between the top of the gearbox and the underside of the battery compartment - my sockets were too short and an adjustable wrench handle was too long to allow it to turn so i ended up botching it a bit.  Hopefully it will hold long enough to not give me any problems.