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Fitting New Radio - Adaptors Needed?

14 December 2014 - 06:48 PM

Hi, not a Ford question but we all know this is the best forum so why would I want to join any other one?


My wife has a VW Fox which came without a radio - seems it was an optional extra at the time!  I want to fit an aftermarket one on for her and have found it is already wired up with what looks like a standard quadlock, but an unusual looking aerial fitting.  Looking up Google, VWs have something called FAKRA (?) and I need an adaptor to ISO type...is that right?  Would it be as simple as buying the adaptor off ebay and thats it, or is it more complicated?


Also, any ideas on a basic but reliable head unit (single DIN) for this - just radio and aux/USB/SD card inputs are fine as its a second car and she only does about 3k miles per year.

What Make Of Filter?

09 December 2014 - 09:41 AM



I was looking through the Euro Car Parts website to get a full set of filters - there seems to be a sale on at the moment as everyting looks to be reduced, but not sure how genuine that is.


I normally just take what I get given over the counter at the local motor factors, but EuroCarParts have a wide range of different makes such as Crossland, Bosch and Mann.  Is there much of a difference between them in terms of quality to justify the price differences or are they all much of a muchness?  I see some people saying to buy quality, but its not obvious what is quality and what isn't just from awebsite.  For info, I try to change the oil at least every 10k miles and clean out the air filter between changes. 

Timing Belt Renewal

08 October 2014 - 07:16 AM

I need to get my timing belt changed soon and have been phoning around for prices and Ford garages who are quoting between £430 and £470 (excluding water pump) which seems very high compared with the prices I have seen people quoting on here.  I read that Ford garages are more likely to have all the right locking pins and tools to do this sort of job which an independent might not for every car manufacturer so would be more likely to botch it.  I know there are a lot of good indys but I just don't know any of them well enough to be certain they would do a good job.


My question is seeing as the 1.6 TDCi is a PSA engine, are the tools needed all the same between the Ford TDCi and the PSA HDi engines and would a Peugot or Citroen garage have all the same tools and be just as capable as a Ford garage to do a Focus?  I ask because there is a Citroen garage near me who might be worth asking - I know he will say yes he can do it because he won't want to turn away the work, but I want to know the chances that he has the right set up to do the job properly.


An other option is if anyone can recommend a good garage who could do this near Watford or Swansea (not exactly near eachother but I will be spending time in both places in the next few weeks). 

In Car Camera (Again)

16 January 2014 - 08:01 PM

I know there have been a few threads on cameras in recent weeks but please bear with me. 


This one seems to tick most of the boxes for me - discrete and simple


http://www.blackvue....dr350-detail or



There are a GPS versions but I don't see the point - I know where I was if I ever need to review any footage.  The first one looks great, but would bebetter if available from a UK seller in the event of being sent a dud.


The main question I have is whether anyone has thought of connecting the power to the map lights console no the roof near the rear view mirror, rather than having to take the cables around the windscreen to the power plug?  If I disconected the bulb and connected in the camera, and set the switch to permanently on would this work?  I think the light goes off a certain time after switching the engine off and locking the door, but thats no different (or even better) than a cig lighter plug that is switched by the ignition - it will keep recording a few minutes longer but no chance of the draining the battery.  What do you guys think, would this work?