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Engine Cutting Out (Mk3 Tdci)

07 January 2014 - 03:47 PM



I've had my 2003 Ford Mondeo Zetec for a while now, and to be honest, apart from some problems regarding the glowplug light coming on at random times, the car has done very well the last 1,000 miles. The car feels very good on the road, and the TDCi engine pulls very nicely.


However, over the past week and a half, I've noticed a slight issue in regards to the engine just cutting out. Here's an example;


Today, I was driving in traffic (slow moving stop start), set off normally in 1st, built a bit of speed before having to stop (was in 1st still), pressed the clutch right in to let to car roll a little bit before stopping. As I pressed the clutch in, I noticed the revs went up to about 1,500 RPM, then below 1,000 RPM before dropping to about 500 and cutting out. This isn't the first time this has happened. It feels as if the car is trying to find the idle RPM however just cuts out. 


Also, the glowplug light has come on a few times recently (with no loss of power or anything), it just flashes until the car is restarted again. I've noticed this more in the recent wet weather alongside with the boot release which keeps unlocking whilst driving and/or when turning the car over.


Has anyone else had these issues? The car drives fine, the clutch and gearbox feel good. It's a little concerning reading threads relating to quite expensive issues. 


Many thanks!

Glow Plug Light Comes On And Car Cuts Out (2003 Mk3 Mondeo)

21 December 2013 - 07:30 PM



I was driving my 2003 Ford Mondeo Zetec (2.0 TDCi 130) earlier, with no problems. I generally drive the car on a daily basis, and have never had any issues. Today, however, I was driving along, waiting at a set of traffic lights I pulled out and the engine was fine, but changing into third gear I noticed a complete loss of power, followed by a flashing light on the Dash Board (Orange Coil?). I also noticed the SnowFlake symbol started flashing as well. 


Luckily the road was not full of traffic, I was able to bring the car to a stop, turn the ignition off and restart the car (key to position 2) waited for the glow plug light to extinguish before turning the car over (which it did fine), and drove off with no problems. Was able to drive to where I was going, and home again with no further issues.


The car has done 186,000 miles (been a trusty work horse), the clutch, gear box and engine is spot on and I've never had any problems (starts with no problems on cold morning). 


I put £30 of shell Diesel (Vpower?) in the car yesterday, and my partner filled the tank with Morrisons Diesel earlier today (could this be a problem?), we've ran some of that Redex Diesel fluid through the car the other day and no problems. 


My only concern is obviously this fault is quite dangerous, especially if the engine cuts out at a roundabout or busy junction.


I've read some posts in regards to this issue which relate to maybe the EGR valve? Injector problem? Fuel contamination?  


Would be great if I can get some advice, obviously i'm slightly concerned that there could be something seriously wrong with the engine. 


Many thanks,