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Slightly Concerned (2007 Ford Focus Ghia)

08 March 2015 - 12:37 AM

Hello all, I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on a problem that I've encountered with my 2007 Ford Focus Ghia 2.0 Duratec.

I've had the car around 8 months, it's now done 69,500 miles with a full service history, I had a new clutch kit fitted roughly 7,000 miles ago as the slave cylinder decided to break, meaning a clutch change was appropriate while the gearbox was out.

So then, the car has been very good, some odd problems every now and then, the pedals can make strange noises on bumpy fast country roads, but nothing major.

Today, I started the car as normal, allowed the revs to settle down, put the car into first with no problems and set off normally. I put the car into second, and the vehicle started to judder aggressively, with a complete lack of power (almost as if you're trying to drive in fifth gear). When I went to select neutral to see if disengaging and re selecting second would help, the car would actually brake when I pushed the clutch in (which is the opposite to what it should do when power is taken away from transmission).

All gears where juddering with no power, pushing the clutch in caused the car to slow down as if I'm pressing the brake, something wasn't right. After looking for leaks on any of the hydraulic lines (there was non), and restarting the engine, everything is absolutely fine, after a 30 mile drive no further problems.

The other day, also, at a roundabout, upon stopping, the engine was hunting at idle, nearly causing the car to stall a few times whilst I waited for an opportunity to pull out into traffic.

I'm not sure what's going on with my Focus, I'm hoping somebody can help.

Updating Mk2 Ford Focus Ghia Headlights

29 January 2015 - 04:08 PM


I have a late 2007 Ford Focus Ghia, which has pretty much every option ticked from factory, however it has the standard halogen headlights.

I was looking into upgrading the headlights to the "Cornering Lamps, fitted as an option on many mk2 ford focus.

I've removed one headlight, and I see that the connector from the vehicles wiring loom is a 10 pin and not a 7 pin, does this mean it will simply be a case of plug and play?

Many thanks.