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Which Diagnostic Tool/code Reader For Ipad/iphone?

02 January 2014 - 12:45 AM

I'm looking for a diagnostic machine to plug into my iPad or iPhone.
I haven't used code readers before, so I'm not up to date. 
I don't want to be spending thousands either.
Any ideas?

Does The Streetka Have A Special/sports Gearbox?

30 December 2013 - 07:43 PM

I just bought my first Ka. A 2004 StreetKa Winter Ed.

It drives fine, but as I haven't driven one before, I'm not sure if it's right.

The gearbox sounds a little "whiney". Not bad at all, and I actually think it sounds quite sporty like that.
It sounds a little like those straight cut boxes you hear in some rally cars, but of course, a lot quieter. A little bit like reverse gear I suppose.

I seem to remember the guy I bought it off telling me she was "nippy due to the low ratio gearbox, which is rare".  Was he just talking crap?

Thanks in advance.

Pulls To One Side When Hitting Drains.

30 December 2013 - 07:26 PM

I've just bought a 2004 StreetKa.

I've been quite impressed with how nippy it is. 
The thing is, as I haven't driven one before, I'm not sure how it's meant to handle.

It seems quite responsive and a bit like a go kart I suppose. Seems to stick to the road quite well. However, when I hit a drain (especially when wet), the car seems to want to drag itself into the direction of which wheel it hits. eg. if the passenger wheel hits the drain, it pulls me suddenly towards the curb.

I'm sure it isn't supposed to be like this as it could be quite scary for someone else.
It feels almost like I have slick tyres (which I don't) or I'm hitting a patch of ice.

I also noticed that the steering doesn't correct itself when pulling away with the steering wheel turned. Normally, when driving other cars, the steering will straighten up itself.

Thanks in advance.