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17" Lambo-Esque Alloys Spotted On Ebay

10 May 2010 - 10:36 AM

190394774215 spotted on ebay if anyone needs a set, damn sight cheaper than mine were

A 56 year old nun was fined for doing 180 kph on an Italian freeway

20 July 2009 - 09:29 PM


A 56 year old nun was fined for doing 180 kilometres per hour on an Italian freeway. She told police she was anxious to be by Pope Benedict's side after his fall.

The Guardian reported the three Salesian nuns had jumped into the Ford Fiesta from Turin on Friday and were rushing to the area near Aosta where the pontiff is spending his summer holiday. He suffered a fall in the bath on Thursday night.

The two passenger religious sisters were aged 65 and 78.

"The police were shocked to find three nuns of a certain age in the Fiesta," confessed the nun who was a the wheel, identified only as AM. "But we were afraid of getting there late. I know you shouldn't go so fast, but the news of his Holiness's injury had made us truly anxious."

The police chose not to forgive the nun, pointing out that she was 48 kilometres per hour over the limit. They suspended her licence for a month and issued a 375 euros ($660) fine. Another of the nuns took over the driving, the Examiner reported.

But AM is a "determined sort", said her lawyer, Anna Orecchioni, according to The Guardian.

"She is planning to appeal and we think we can invoke the 'state of necessity' ruling in the law that allows speeding," Orecchioni said.

Orecchioni has become a point of reference for members of the religious community in trouble with traffic police, The Guardian said. She is defending a priest stopped for drink driving who claimed communion wine he sipped at four consecutive masses pushed him over the limit.

background buzzing noise & after a trip...

23 June 2009 - 11:23 PM

Excuse the !Removed! poor camera work here guys, but when i get into the car my dash is lit up, and from somewhere is a background buzzing noise as captured on the clip do you experience this?

In the clip below you can hear it from the outset, it sounds particularly annoying after a 12 mile trip into c london because i park away from traffic noise. Also after such a drive when the car has been off for about 4-5mins (7 seconds into the clip) a noise like a Nestcafe coffee maker can be heard for a few moments, it stops, and a few seconds later what happens is the buzzing stops, until you open a door or touch the controls.

Is it just me???

o/t Top Gear in 20min

21 June 2009 - 06:41 PM


The challenge dominating tonight's edition: a race from London to Edinburgh with James May in a Jaguar XK120, Richard Hammond on a Vincent Black Shadow motorbike and Clarkson in blue overalls shovelling coal into the boiler of the Tornado steam train all the way. !Removed! poop! rolleyes.gif