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In Topic: Ford Fair 2015 - Who's Going?

Today, 05:47 PM

I couldn't even find the FOC stand! Lol

In Topic: New St

Today, 01:53 PM

Just back from ford fair. Had a really good day :) didn't manage to find the FOC stand though!

Hunted out dmb and grabbed some gel inlays though :)

After seeing all the cars with trc front splitter I'm very tempted to take a run over to them and have one fitted to mine...

In Topic: Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

Yesterday, 10:46 AM

Airport baggage handler so I get the fun job of putting all the bags on and off the plane haha

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Putting? Or throwing? :lol:

In Topic: Bluefin - Fl St

31 July 2015 - 09:43 PM

Thanks :)


I've fired them across an email with some questions and am quite tempted to go for it. Got a bit of time to think about it anyway since will be running the car in a bit more for another month or so before buying any performance upgrades.

In Topic: Bluefin - Fl St

31 July 2015 - 09:16 PM

hmm.. it sounds too good to be true... 320PS?! Is a steal at £262.50 though..


How exactly do these hook up?


also.. they seem to have the 2.0 250PS engine listed as Focus MK2  :lol: