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Reverse Lights Mk2 Mondeo Late Version 2000

27 January 2014 - 11:01 AM

hello 1st thanks for the info on the starter motor IT was  the duff batt I got with the car sorted now cheers!,

Now new problem is that no reverse lights, new bulbs and the fuse checked all fine could it be the gearbox switch? everything else is working but these as we know its MOT fail . thanks .


Starting Problem Mk2 2Ltr Ghia Late Mk2

09 January 2014 - 10:36 PM

Hello new on this board yet have owned 3 or 4 Mondeo's in the past and also have a 65 Ford Tbird, now if any one can point me to solving this problem please!

 Car ran from picking up had work on rear callipers so sat for a few days moved on to driveway then Nothing!

Batt recharged holding 13+v all earths cleaned up, no real fuse (Aux) layout plan but have checked them all, the starter solenoid clicks when turning the key but no crank at all! I have removed and tested starter which spins and solenoid throws, cleaned commutator etc. and tried another working starter motor and solenoid still the same result. will throw and spin when bridged off the car. the engine is not seized ive turned it over, any suggestions Thank you.