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Mondeo Cut Out On Idle

10 February 2014 - 10:32 AM

Mondeo 1.8 lx petrol 2005
put it in garage they put a diagnostics on p1018
replaced map sensor ,
intake manifold is fine
still keeps cutting out  
had a full service 
oil change
all filters changed 
spark plugs - coil pack - new leads 
idol valve  
and seams to run good for half hour then takes it off the ramps and when i turn the steering wheel or pressing the horn it cut out disconnect power steering sensor seems to be a little better 
at first on start up idol goes up and down then it cut out then start up again revs die and give it lots of revs and it keeps running took kids to school this in second gear and its trying to cut out loss of power
you drive down the road everything seams fine then power just dies and the power comes back immediately