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In Topic: Mr165 Question

Yesterday, 11:36 AM

Na no real reason just haven't got round to buying it yet and yeah I already have the mTune handset I got the MP kit as soon as it came out on it I was just curious if you put the MR map on without the updated intercooler which to be honest ain't that much bigger and is tucked away not really getting much airflow would it be safe here's a pic of my engine bay

I got one of them too :)


In Topic: Mr165 Question

Yesterday, 11:34 AM

I'd personally get the intercooler then the map. I see the intercooler is about 380 notes but remember the map is setup to run with all the hardware.

In Topic: Fiesta Mk7 leaking boot

Yesterday, 10:45 AM

A phillips screwdriver and torx set will do it.

In Topic: Fiesta Mk7 leaking boot

01 September 2015 - 11:22 PM

Mine was fixed but wasn't told how. I did some investigation before hand and noticed that water would pour through the passenger side near the light but not through the light fitting itself. I guessed it was coming from the passenger roof under the black rubber strip.

In Topic: Mr165 Question

01 September 2015 - 11:18 PM

I'm sure it would be fine but you'll have to state when ordering the map that you have ALL the supporting hardware.
The intercooler is fairly easy to fit yourself and can be done without removing the bumper.