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Few Issues With My Mk3

04 February 2014 - 05:48 PM

I have just purchase an MK3 and have a few questions to see if what I am experiencing is normal as it's the first mondeo and first diesel I have driven.

1. My temperature needle never gets to the middle of the gauge, it normally sits about half way between bottom and center.

2. When coming down the slip road today, I was just speeding up in second when the car had a very slight stutter and carried on. Didn't have the issue again?

3. The gears aren't the easiest to get. I mean it's not hard but for first and second it feels like you have to put a bit more effort in and when they go in they do clunk a little.

Can anyone give me a little advice?

All The Way From The Sunny West Mids

03 February 2014 - 07:20 PM

I've just signed up as I have just become the proud owner of an MK3 Mondeo (04).


It's the 2.0 TDCi LX hatchback and it has 116k on the clock. Full service history and I picked it up for £1,000. The clutch is a bit low so I know in the next few months I'll have to brave a new clutch and DMF and there is a bit of a crack in the paint on the arch where it looks like the last owner scraped it across a wall.


The only other thing I noticed was that the rear foot wells were damp but I checked the door, the lights, and picked the carpet up and checked EVERYWHERE for any sign of a leak. No mold or anything so i'm thinking the previous owner might have had the carpets washed before I picked the car up???


I did notice that one of the rear weather strips was away from the window so I have just purchased a new set for £30.


I've had it for three days now and oh my god what a nice car! I have always been a bit of a boy racer and the last car I had was a Golf GTI that I had modified into a 300bhp model. Then my partner said that she couldn't get our boy in the back easily enough and hated the sound and speed so I said I would get a family car. It was between the Vectra and Mondeo but due to the dated inside of the Vectra I was leaning towards the Mondeo.


I picked it up and found that it was so smooth to drive, speed bumps became a thing of the past and so I took it to the post office. Cost me just £77 for 6 months which was a pleasant surprise and with a huge drop in my insurance premium I had a beaming smile. I filled the car up which cost £65 and have done a nice 110 mile and the tank is still full...


It's the first diesel I have owned and I am just amazed at how well it is built. 


Anyway, sorry for the long story and introduction. I'm from Walsall in the West Midlands



2.0 Tdci Clutch

31 January 2014 - 06:53 PM

I know the topic of clutch and DMF being replaced is extremely common (I have been reading here for a while) but is it possible to replace the clutch without having to replace the DMF?


My clutch is fairly low now and probably needs to be replaced within the next few months, but the car itself drives perfectly and has no symptoms of the DMF failing.