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Focus Mk1 Remote Locks

28 April 2014 - 07:58 PM

Hi all.

Recently purchased a mk1 Focus Ghia Estate.

The central locking is a bit tempramental.

If I lock the car via the key, all doors will lock (sometimes).

When I unlock the car via the key, most of the time the locks will NOT unlock.

But it doesnt do this all the time.

I havent tried it form the key fob yet, as it has battery issues.


Is there a relay that runs the solenoids?

Why would it only work sometimes but not others?

Cheers for looking.

Ford Fusion Cuts Out

09 February 2014 - 09:55 AM

hi all

i have an '02 fusion 2 1.4 16v

it starts and drives fine

but on occasions, it will just cut out on decceleration

as i'm slowing down coming up to a junction for instance, the engine will just die

it will re-start without problem by either bumping it while its still moving, or by the key

i've fitted new plugs, ht leads and coil seem ok

i've checked usual connectors ands hoses etc

but cant find anything amiss

i have an OBD reader, but that doesnt show any faults

it doesnt cut out all the time, or at any peticular moment

some days it wont do it at all, or on some journeys it may do it 1/2/3 times


can anyone help? i'm at a miss

many thanks for reading