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St170 - Problems

13 June 2013 - 02:53 PM

Hi Everyone,


I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me out with this as it is driving me crazy now.


I brought an ST170 about 5 months ago now. Done about 80k miles, great condition etc.


I have this noise which has been going on for months now, I can only describe it as a whurring kind of noise coming from somewhere in the engine bay (or so it seems)


Trying to find out when it makes this noise is impossible, usually it is when the clutch is pressed down, however it will do it when im driving along at 60mph with the throttle down, it comes and goes, its not constant. It is  quite a loud noise. I have the car under warranty and they guys where i brought it from aren't interested. Another garage has said they think it may be flywheel related but would need to take the gearbox out to look properly. Im not convinced its transmission related as it can happen just randomly without the clutch being engaged.


It is usually when im slowing down to a roundabout with the clutch down. Its not a a wheel bearing as i've had them checked.


I had a minor service carried out about a week ago, and for 2 days after that is completely went, i couldn't get it to do it. But now its back.


Any ideas?