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12V Accessory Plug In Centre Console Convert To Permanently Live?

10 February 2014 - 02:11 AM

Has anyone tried (or know if its even possible?) to rewire the 12V accessory socket (what was the cigarette lighter socket to us oldies!) in the centre console on a 2013 1.25 Zetec to make it permanently live (as it stands at the moment, its only live when the ignition is 'ON' or the engine is running) like it was as standard on my old 1999 Mk5 1.4 Zetec? 


The reason being is that occasionally I want to use the socket to plug in a charger to charge my mp3 player or mobile phone overnight in the car while its sat in my workplace carpark (its secure) with the ignition off and the car locked, while I do a nightshift. I figure as its just using a few tens of milliamps to charge my mp3 player/phone, then it shouldn't theoretically affect the cars battery but could it potentially affect the cars Passive Anti Theft system or any other monitoring circuits that modern cars seem to have these days? Well, it certainly never gave me any problems on my old fez? I've even left the interior light on in my old fez overnight a few times in the middle of winter and it has started fine first time the next morning(!) But then comparing my old fez to this new one is like comparing an old steam powered black and white telly to a modern 50" widescreen telly - more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at(!)  :blink:


Thanks to anyone with any ideas or experience.

Replacing Standard Ford 15" Alloys With Ford 17" Alloys On 2013 Petrol Zetec

09 February 2014 - 09:16 PM

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie just joined so bear with me please if I sound like a twit/monga etc or I've posted in the wrong section(!)  :blink:


Ok, my question is this: I've just bought a brand new Zetec 1.25 (the facelifted version with the humungus front grill, does that make it a Mk8?) and while it is an excellent car so far (light years from my old 1999 Zetec), I feel the wheels could do with an improvement - they look a little piddly if you get my drift?. The car came standard fitted with 15" 5 spoke alloys (Ford code 1 817 616) with 195 55 tyres. I've looked on the Ford UK website and have seen a set I really like; a 17" 8 spoke job (Ford code 1 817 293). Using the tyre size change calculator on etyres website, it turns out that fitting 205 40 size tyres to the 17" alloys will keep the overall diameter of the wheel at exactly 596mm so no probs as regards to gearing or speedo accuracy. I have also found that the offset on both types of alloys is exactly the same: ET47.5mm so in theory, no probs there either (I think?). My question is this - does anyone know if I can simply buy the new set of 17" alloys and fit them in place of the standard 15" ones (seeing as the 17" alloy is fitted as standard to higher spec Fiestas) or will I/could I run into probs as regards to fouling the wheelarches or suspension strut etc? I know the overall width of the wheel with the new alloys and tyres will increase by 10mm but would I still be ok? Any thoughts anyone?

Hi Everyone, Newbie Just Joined

09 February 2014 - 08:23 PM

Hi everyone, just joined after getting a brand new 2013 Fiesta Zetec - hope to get some answers to a few questions I have in the Fiesta section. Cheers! :)