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Can't Flatten Middle 2Nd Row Seat

20 February 2014 - 10:40 AM

On my 58 plate S-Max Titanium, I don't appear to be able to flatten the middle 2nd row seat. All other seats can be made flat.


There is a sticker on the back of it implying it may not be possible - is this the case, or should all seats be able to be made flat?



Lcd Display Only Shows Trip Computer And Settings - No Ford Audio Displayed

15 February 2014 - 07:59 PM



We just purchased a 2008 S-Max Titanium a week ago! This comes with a Sony DAB Radio CD, Bluetooth, USB and Aux audio input.


I understand we should be able to see and control phone, audio and iPod features from the LCD panel behind the steering wheel, but it only shows Trip Computer and Settings. 


The other day my wife said it all the audio features displayed on this panel for a minute then disappeared. I have never seen them displayed. Does anyone know what is likely to be the reason for this?


One other thing I noticed, is that the Sony radio does not turn off when the car turns off, and also the Clock on the radio looses its time after turning off the car,  even though we set it. Could this be related?


Otherwise we can control the iPod and Phone from the Sony radio itself, just not from the LCD panel behind the steering wheel