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21 April 2015 - 02:35 PM

I don't know about you, but I prefer to use "pure" polish's (abrasives only). Ive given ultimate polish a go and I don't like that it has a glaze in it. I find its to hard to tell exactly what's been corrected. 

Have a look at menzerna's 85RE. It has similar cut levels to your ultimate polish, but has no glazing properties.


Like I said, I never seem to have enough time! My missus said she's trading me in if she comes home to find another set of wheels in the living room :lol:

In Topic: Gyeon Cleaning Stuff.

20 April 2015 - 06:13 PM

I'm not an expert with a machine polisher, I have to admit. Hence the 50 hour hand polish on my evo :D
Plus, I use menzerna polish.

The last time I had a go at intermediate paint I used 106FA on a finishing pad (crimson lake country). And it managed to sort out fairly serious swirls in one pass.

Maybe a finishing pad for the ultimate polish?

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In Topic: Gyeon Cleaning Stuff.

20 April 2015 - 08:44 AM

I'd go with Avalanche to be honest. If your sticking with HD wax and wet coat as your lsp's avalanche is better IMO. Works out cheaper. Have you tried citrus power? I know its expensive, but if you apply it to the bottom half of the car 5 mins before snow foaming there is basically no crud left on the car.


My Evo's paint is crazy soft and its real easy to cause marring, so ive been on a mission to try and cause as little damage as possible by removing as much crud as possible before hand washing. Without stripping my sealants, obviously. Citrus power and avalanche are the best ive tried so far.

In Topic: Gyeon Cleaning Stuff.

19 April 2015 - 09:36 PM

Machine. Just a DA.

I bought the car nearly new and the previous owner hadn't really looked after the paint work. It literally felt rough to the touch. And was littered with swirls.

The first chance I got I washed and clayed and whizzed over (admittedly too quickly and with not enough care and attention) with an orange Lake Country pad and some Meguiars Ultimate Compound. A quick wax with AutoGlym HD wax after this.. The Meguiars corrected most of the heavy swirling and cleaned the surface up pretty nicely.. But because I was going at it a bit too quickly I've left some micro marring..

Not to worry. I'm going to go more slowly a panel a wash, Ultimate Compound again. Then finishing glaze. Then wax. Then probably a splash of Gyeon Wet Coat. :)

Applying it with a mitt works well then? I have to say it kinda makes more sense. I found it amazing that just washing it around the panel was supposed to work. But it does. Car feels very very slick afterward.

Is their foam good too then? It's pretty pricey!

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Working to quickly is easy to do. Never seem to find the time to do as much as I would like! I corrected buffer trails on my evo by hand in August. It took me 50 odd hours over 5 days in total..... it's not easy to find that kinda time.

Will you post a pic or 2 as you go?

Yeah, applying via mitt works well. Makes sure you get an even spread. I've heard of possible etching (looks like streaks) and applying via mitt should stop that.

What foam are you using?
Gyeon's foam is good. It's not to bad on price considering you can use as little as 50ml in the foam lance. You need more like 200ml is you want the same cleaning power as 100ml of AF avalanche though. It is handy if you are foaming super slick lsp's because it's VERY thick. 80ml is like shaving foam!
I've tried both foams on wolf's bodyguard. Avalanche didn't stand a chance, dribbled off in maybe 2 mins. Gyeon's foam is still there after 15 mins!

In Topic: Gyeon Cleaning Stuff.

19 April 2015 - 07:49 PM

I spread the wet coat with a fresh wash mitt dipped in warm water before rinsing with the PW. Especially if it's warm weather.
I use it as a replacement for qd'ing over winter. I do my usual detail in August/September and top it with wet coat or bathe+ via foam lance. Both add massively to the slickness and improve the effectiveness of snow foaming.

Are you polishing by hand or machine?

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