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In Topic: Thinking Of Getting A Mondeo

Today, 05:57 AM

I've got to agree with brycie I couldn't buy a car without certain toys like Bluetooth , directional headlights, folding power mirrors etc , I only went over to Ford when the mk1 Mondeo came out in the 1995 for the heated windscreen as it was genius especially at 5am in morning when the car was like an icecube in winter.

In Topic: Thinking Of Getting A Mondeo

Yesterday, 11:00 PM

The 2.0 petrol gets about 460+ a tank which am happy with 28-31mpg around town 44+ mpg on motorway.according to the computer?

In Topic: Thinking Of Getting A Mondeo

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

Hi amraam,

Me and my family have mainly used The Carpeople in Manchester for the last 10years and we've had 7-8 cars between us , I just go and tell them what I want , spec,colour, milage,etc.. tell'em my budget and I normally here something within a week, I wouldn't go anywhere else

In Topic: Thinking Of Getting A Mondeo

Yesterday, 08:08 AM

Hi amraam,

I'd recommend the mk4 Mondeo Titanium X 2.0 petrol there quick , comfy , reliable good on juice for the size and loaded with gadgets and with winter coming you can beat a heated FRONT windscreen and heated front seats.and your'd get a good'un with ur budget.

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14 September 2014 - 05:07 PM

I'd recommend the mk 4 Mondeo to anyone and it's easier no different to drive than the focus just a bit bigger and I'd rather have to much space than not enough and I personally prefer the Mondeo to drive , ultra comfy, quick, reliable and loaded with gadgets.