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Focus Remote Locking / Elmconfig

08 March 2014 - 11:56 AM

Hi there,


I've been trawling the web for about 2 months for a solution to the problem with my Focus (2005/06 LX Estate).  When I purchased the car 2nd hand about a year ago the remote locking worked fine.  After about 3 months it just stopped.  Central locking works fine via the key.  I eventually got round to buying a new batter for the remote but this didn't fix the problem.  Did loads of searching and reading and i've tried:

  • checking the fuses - seem fine
  • putting the car in learning mode and reprogramming - car goes into learning mode, I hear an acknowledgement beep when I press the remote keys, car still doesn't open

I've taken the car to Ford who want to charge me £100 just to diagnose the problem.  I've taken to an auto-locksmith who tried everything I did and shrugged and told me to take it back to Ford / Electrician.  The next cheapest option is to try ELMConfig route and see if there's an option to turn remote locking back on.  I'm actually at the stage where I have it installed and the ELM327 cable has arrived. Before I take out the soldering iron and throw away a weekend I was hoping someone here could offer some advice.

  • has anyone tried this with ELMConfig ?
  • I've looked through most/all of the ELMConfig options and can't seem to find this option anywhere - anyone who's modded have any advice?
  • should I just fork out the £100-£1000 the Ford dealer will inevitably charge me for using IDS for 2 minutes to turn remote locking back on ??