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Ford Meets North West

16 May 2014 - 08:30 PM


Hey guys!


I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any meets in the next couple of months, if so when and where?


Thanks in advance!

Egr Blanking Plate?

05 May 2014 - 10:13 PM


Hi guys,


I think i'm going to get a blanking plate for my EGR but i'm not sure where to get one from??


I've had a quick look on Ebay but there all different sizes and are quite vague with what model its for.


If anyone could drop me a link it would be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance! :D

Fiestagirl's Mk7 Titanium

03 May 2014 - 06:53 PM


Hi Everyone!


I've had my 1.6 Mk7 Titanium (Diesel) for almost a year now and thought i'd make a little thread with what i've done so far and what i have planned! 


Also i'd like your opinions as to what you think so far and any ideas on what i should do next :)


First off heres a few pics of what it was like when i bought it. (I'd added the stickers on the back of it)


One if the first things that i decided to do was to swap over the Ford badges for some that i bought from DMB graphics online for i think around £11.00 for the pair.


I also wanted to swap the original badge as mine was looking abit crappy on the chrome. 

I got my badges in White and Blue :)


Before and after pics: Front Badge

Rear Badge
The next thing i did was to get it lowered.  I'd heard the the Titanium stood around 10mm higher than other models as standard. (I'm not 100% sure on this) 
I bought Eibach 40mm Lowering Springs brand new off Ebay for £150.00ish.
Here are some before and after pics: (My car is disgustingly dirty in some of these pics i am sorry haha)
[attachment=15165:IMG_1861.JPG] Before
Attached File  IMG_1862.JPG   65.22KB   243 downloads Before
Attached File  IMG_1862.JPG   65.22KB   243 downloads After
Attached File  IMG_1864.JPG   109.57KB   240 downloads Before
Attached File  IMG_1865.JPG   118.44KB   247 downloads After
Attached File  IMG_1867.JPG   128.96KB   246 downloads After
Now that it's bedded in it has lowered slightly more.
I'm happy with the choice i made as it looks lower without being too harsh a ride.
I then bought some side stripes again off DMB Graphics in white and added them on :)
Attached File  IMG_1876.JPG   66.16KB   237 downloads
Attached File  IMG_1877.JPG   151.95KB   234 downloads
Attached File  IMG_1879.JPG   167.31KB   243 downloads
This is how my car looks now after a good scrubbing! (It was much needed!)
Attached File  IMG_1882.jpg   308.12KB   240 downloads
The next thing that i have planned is a spoiler, i have already bought one off Ebay for about £100. 
I'll upload some pics of it when i've had it sprayed and fitted which should be in the next few days.
I would also eventually like to get my alloys sprayed in Frozen White.
Any comments and feedback are all welcome :)

Evans Halshaw Guarantee :(

14 April 2014 - 02:28 PM


Hi all,


I just wanted abit of advice really!


I bought my Fiesta Mk7 from Evans Halshaw (unfortunately for me) When i bought it i also bought the extended 24 month Mechanical and Breakdown cover which was about £400.


After experiencing how !Removed! they actually are i just wanted to know if anybody knows if i can get out of this contract.  I'm paying for my car on finance and have had it for around 9 months now.


Any help would be appreciated!! :)

Xenon Kits

23 March 2014 - 05:16 PM

I'm looking to upgrade my lights so that they look a lot brighter and not as yellow.

Does anyone have any advice on which are best?

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