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What's you MPG???

12 November 2009 - 11:57 AM

Hey All.

Just a question really, I have a new fiesta and done about 7000 miles in it now. However I donít really seem to be getting great MPG.

I motorway drive 85% of the time between speeds of 65-80mph.

On a full tank (45 litres) my car will do between 315-330 miles. I donít "rag" my car, I donít accelerate overly fast and as said I do mainly motorway driving.

From my workings to work out ACTUAL MPG.

I take the amount of miles my car does and divide it by how many gallons my tank takes (9.91). 45 litres divide by 4.54.

So lets say on average 337.5 miles per tank (when my car says its on 0 miles + the 15miles reserve).

DIVIDE that by 9.91 = 34.06MPG

Does that sound right??? ON paper it was meant to be 40+ and Iíve driven it extra careful on a take to see if makes a difference, thatís the 330miles!!

My previous fiesta... 2litre ST had an actual MPG of 31.5MPG? Whatís wrong? Iíve changed to premium/ultimate petrol, used different suppliers, no difference.

Using my maths, whatís your MPG on the 1.6 Petrol engine, or other models to compare?

Sorry if repeat post, Cheers.
Oh and the MPG on the trip computer lies!! :P

45 litre tank = 9.91 gallons.
Actual miles / 9.91 = MPG.

2 week Old titanium broken down ;( ;( ;(

16 August 2009 - 05:53 PM

Right, yes... as topic heading suggests, had the unfortunate experience of my beast dying today!!

About 5mins into my journey today, driving along doing about 50mph, *pop*, car looses all power and i have to pull over. Could not get the car started, engine was ticking over but not coming to life. There were no differenced to how i was driving, i was just cruising along at about 50mph for a few mins after i started out 5mins before!

Pulled up on the side of a road and left the car alone for about 5mins. tried again but sadly nothing. Just ticking over but the engine was not firing up.

I had to resort to calling the AA out, after about 20mins the AA turn up. He has a listen then does some basic checks with the battery etc. Plugs his fancy laptop into my car that reports "Ignition coil fault (primary)". He then has a play with the connectors and tried to start the car again but still not firing up. At this point im starting to keep in good spirits but starting to worry. Cutting a long story short he tests the fuses and the "fuel pump fuse" which looks after the ignition coil, fuel pump and lander/oxygen sensor has blown.

He replaced the fuse and gave the car another go, YESSSS, it works. car started up fine rev's came down EXCELLENT..... NO!!! 5 secs later car cuts out again and wonít start. Check the fuse and its blown again. (2 fuses blown). I start to worry and the AA guy then spends some time on the phone to the tech guys at his head office and come back with some ideas. He checks the fuel pump cable under my back seats, removed the battery and checked all the connections under the fuse box and re-seats all the connections from the ignition coil.

2 hours later puts it all back, new fuse tried again. Same. Fuse blows and engine cuts out and wont start again :9 EPIC FAIL!! I had to get toed home, oh the shame!!!

Basically, as the fuses were not just blown, they were obliterated!! There is an electrical fault with my car. The AA guy said its the only new fiesta he's come across with such a problem and non of the guys he was speaking to on the phone came across it either. He has asked I pass on the details to him when it gets fixed so he knows as he was trying very hard to get it working for me :'(

I managed to speak to the dealer before they closed and there were very shocked and apologetic. My car is getting picked up 2mos and toed back to the dealer for repair!

The AA guy did a few things and said one of 2 things at fault, either the Ignition coil or the fuel pump. Likely the ignition coil due to how the fuses were blowing up!!

Not overly happy and a bit screwed for work as i commute 100miles a day :S

Will keep you all posted but one to watch out for, for those that have similar spec etc it happened to mine on 2500miles!!

Cheers, ben. :(

Just got the wrong bulbs :@

07 August 2009 - 11:48 AM

Got my new Bluevision Bulbs through today... they are the wrong ones despite me following an ebay link (from this forum i think) and also despite the seller saying it is compatible.

What the mk7 has.....
Posted Image

And what I purchased....
Posted Image

Annoying.... Halfords i reckon!!


It's arrived after 19 odd week

17 July 2009 - 02:32 PM

Just had THE call!!! Car arrived few hours ago, getting sorted PI'd or woteva now ready for 9 am tomos morn!!!! Woop woop!

Problem, just got to western For t4, screw t4, car comes first ;)

will post piccy's mos. Ben

Latest update - not happy!!

28 June 2009 - 10:09 AM

Right ok, not sure if anybody else talked/moaned about this yet but I'm sure I'm not the only one and I want to share my latest worries.

I got a call from my dealer Friday. Basically just letting me know my car should be out of the factory over the weekend/early next week. Great news yes??? WRONG!! Apparently if my car is not out of the factory (ready for registering) by Tuesday my order will incur the extra charges from fords price increase as of 1st of July! I have no idea how that can be possible, but my dealer said they are in the process of trying to sort this out for me and many other customers, as for some reason ford have told my dealer that for all orders not registered by Tuesday (end of this month), regardless of when the order was actually placed will be included in the latest prices increases from Ford!

My dealer has told me not to worry, they will call me first thing Monday and let me know if my car can be registered or not and if I can bomb down there first thing Tuesday and get everything sorted (which will be a huge inconvenience given late notice and my duties at work). Everything sorted in terms of registered, financed, insured and taxed.
HOWEVER, if my car is not at a stage that can happen by tomorrow (Monday 29th) then it's a problem but fingers crossed the car can be registered Monday! Also worse case scenario "we have to cross that bridge when/if we get to it"

Now my dealer is are a major one, excellent service from initial order all the way through my delays, keeping me up to date, sharing frustration with how long this has actually taken etc. etc. No problems, but if this is the case with the price increases and everything is 100% honest I don't/can't blame them, but there is just no way I can let this happen!! 1: pay extra, why should I have to or want to!!! 2: I can't afford it so what does that mean for me if the dealers hands are tied 3: Cancellation of my order, really am I thinking about this?? :( 4: am I alone????

This has been my worry since Friday and I don't know what to do, given my luck with everything so far my car won't be ready come tomorrow. My dealer said they are in talks with ford and will look after me. But what does that mean exactly? The guy genuinely was treading carefully with me as perhaps he thought I could explode with rage.... which frankly I'm getting nearer and nearer to.

So should I be worried, and is it worth ringing ford customer relations or as I have not even had my car yet will they direct me back to the dealer!?

Thoughts? anyone else got outstanding orders and had this conversation???? Also what about the last price increase, nothing was said about that? Or has the dealer taken the hit for that but can't afford 2? bah!!