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01 June 2009 - 02:49 PM

Having owned our c-max for just 5 weeks and following the car alarm going off all the time we now have a more serious problem, the Turbo has gone!! We purchased the car privately so have no come back on it. The car is an 2005 plate and has done 50,000 miles. We have had a quote for repairs for 900+ and have been told this is a common fault with the c-max and to prevent it happening again it should be serviced every 5,000 miles?? That would mean us servicing it about 3 times a year, we bought the car thinking it was going to be more economical to run that our old rover, has anyone got any advice on this as we are really gutted at the moment.

Just to keep you informed, we had the turbo replaced(twice, the first one was faulty) and many other parts with it after getting a Technical Service bullitin regarding the problem!!! This cost us a total of 1075 and was to prevent the problem from happening again. Guess what we have had the car back 5 weeks today and the turbo has gone again!! We are now locked in a battle with our garage who have done the work and ford Furrows who they bought the parts off and have no car!! We would be really grateful to know if any of you have had Turbo problems??


23 April 2009 - 03:26 PM

if you purchased it from a garage or trader then i would take it back to them or
take it to fords to get it checked out as it's fitted during manufacture.

Thanks for the reply, we have since taken it to a ford garage and had it tested on the computer it came up a problem with the bonnet catch. but when we had the car the handle or sunglasses case was missing above the drivers door so we have replaced that and touch wood that has solved the problem. We think the roof lining was dropping slightly when it went cold at night triggering the sensor.