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Ford 6000Ne Cd Rds E.o.n Cd/radio Stereo

01 April 2014 - 11:40 AM


I recently sold a Ford 6000NE cd/radio on ebay which when it left me as far as Im aware was working fine.  The buy has a problem, to save time heres what he wrote:

"hi there,

on receipt of the cd unit, i put it in my car and as the plugs are like for like this was pretty straight forward, i entered the code you you gave me and the unit came on as i expected, there was already a cd in the unit ( foo-fighters ) i removed this, checkced the radio etc and all seemed to be in order, i then put in one of my own cd's, it started to play as normal and al seemed fine, THEN, just as my cd got to track 3 the unit asked for the code, i thought that to be a bit starange, however i tried to enter the code and the unit would NOT allow this, infact, THE UNIT WILL NOT ALLOW ANYTHING, it switches on and off and thats all, it wont even ecejt my cd, "


As I said all worked when I took it out of my car. Can anyone give me any advice to advice him please on what to try and get it to work?