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Yesterday, 02:10 PM


Nope, that was not a part of my purchase, they offered me a service plan for around £630 a year.

But hey, what do you expect for my £18.000? :P Freaking taxes here is insane.


Jip, you tend to pay for everything, but remember you guys still don't pay nearly as much on taxes etc. as we do, just to give you an idea, the Merc C class is build in SA and yet we still have to pay 100% import duties on the car, and because our Rand exchange rate is down the drain you don't get nearly as much for your hard earned cash as the more stable countries, but who's complaining, thats the cost of living in Africa, to get back too the topic, the only negative thing about having the service plan is that when the service plan is done, the car prices tend too drop drastically, so best too trade in before that happens or keep your car for 10 years till it starts becoming a classic, like I did with my previouse Toyota Conquest 1.6Sport, lost  1000 pound in price over 10 years.

In Topic: First Service

Yesterday, 01:06 PM

I'm guessing the Ford service isn't included in the purchase of your car?

We in SA receive a 4 year 120 000km warranty and a 4 year 60 000km maintenance plan with the purchase of any Ford, service intervals are every 20 000km so basically 4 services included with the option of extension if you extend it before service plan runs out. I'm sure it is worked into the price when purchased.

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Yesterday, 12:54 PM

Those White Visions look great, but are they really worth the money? If I order it on ebay, not incl. import tax and shipping too SA, they basically work out too 10 pounds less than the HID kits, I can't justify that. :wacko:

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16 September 2014 - 02:45 PM

cool, post some pics when done

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16 September 2014 - 02:18 PM

anyone here found a short antenna that works just as good as the OEM one?