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In Topic: My Focus Rs Styled Fiesta What You Think Guys?!

Yesterday, 02:26 PM

looks good, whats next on the list of things to do?

In Topic: Meet My Grey Edition!!

Yesterday, 02:19 PM

looks good, that will confuse alot off guys, trying to order that colour at the dealers...

In Topic: Hill Assist

Yesterday, 02:13 PM

that doesn't sound right, mine only kicks in if the revs are to low, like were any other car would have died

In Topic: Which Stripes Shall I Get?

Yesterday, 10:54 AM

You said anything goes, how about something different :huh:

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In Topic: Hill Assist

Yesterday, 10:48 AM

I was thinking of something els, don't think I have Hill assist on my fiesta, what I do have is something that keeps the revs up no matter if I pull out the clutch completely, the car won't stall, It only moves slowly forward, as an automatic would.