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In Topic: Auto Headlights Faulty Already?

16 July 2014 - 03:01 PM

Thing is, re the part about "being seen by others" the LED DRLs are damn bright on these things so I can't figure out why the headlights would make that much difference to visibility. In fact I find the DRLs are easier to see in the light levels that I had in the photo in my first post.

And it can't be so that all lights are on so I can be seen from the rear. Everyone travels that close these days, if they can't see me at that distance it's Specsavers they need not my tail lights :) :)

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In Topic: Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

28 June 2014 - 02:41 PM

Which is weird since if I select an update option in my menu it looks for an update on USB and inevitably reports "no update found"

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In Topic: Music Via Bluetooth From Iphone -No Track Info

27 June 2014 - 02:36 PM

Sadly major businesses are generally pretty useless about the 'details'. Some of the high street banks are paying Microsoft a special support fee for Windows XP because they never bothered to upgrade the cash machine software. :blink:  

Not related to the thread topic but I walked into the garage I usually get a coffee from the other day and the machine was down. Seems the Costa Express machines use Windows Vista, going off the boot screen. May be they SHOULD have stayed with XP!!

I'm just dumbfounded it's taking them so long to either 1) allow us to self install USB updates or 2) be up front and say they have no intention of supporting anything less than SYNC 2.0 when that launches with the Focus. At least people would know where they stand

In Topic: Forget Sync Applink

27 June 2014 - 02:29 PM

Hi GrumpTrucker
I'm also seeing the 'no apps installed' message when I went into the SYNC options on my late November built 2013 Fiesta and I was quite upbeat when I read your reply saying that you needed to connect your iPhone to the system using the USB cable.
So, this morning I did exactly that and then went into the SYNC menu options and still found the 'no apps installed' message.  :angry:
When you connected your iPhone using the cable, what exactly happened and had anything changed in the SYNC options?
As stated in my earlier reply's, I've spoken to Ford CR and have also had a written response saying that I have Applink 1.0 installed and that there was an 'Applink 1.1' update but this could not be applied to my system because my hardware was not compatible.
Also the newer Applink 2.0 is only being installed on April build models onward.

You need to have an AppLink supported app actively running and in the foreground. For example Spotify or TuneIn Radio and then press the lock button on your phone. Then if you go into the Sync Settings -> Mobile Applications -> Find New Apps option it should find the app.

Supported apps are (based on the Ford US site):

TuneIn Radio
Amazon Music Player
Aha Radio

And a couple of others that I'm not sure are available in UK

If I'm being 100% honest I'm a bit underwhelmed by it, which is disappointing. Cables are so old hat these days. Although the AppLink connection does give more info via Spotify than a Bluetooth connection does.

Have a look here and scroll down to the section Sync AppLink and Phone Compatibility


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In Topic: Forget Sync Applink

23 June 2014 - 09:58 PM

What do you mean by saying you have AppLink? I have some sort of menu that says mobile apps, but that has been there since I had the car and my unit has never been updated. If that's what you are refering to, that's not actually AppLink, I could never get that to work...
If you really do have AppLink, then congratulations mate! I'm happy for you, at least people whose cars are less than a few months aren't being fooled.

Yep, that is AppLink. Got it working last night with Spotify. Genuinely surprised to find it on there. I saw that Mobile Apps menu listing when I got the car and it just kept saying "no apps found" until I connected the iPhone with the cable, had Spotify playing as the foreground app and screen locked. I'd foolishly assumed it worked over BT. Does on Android. Ruddy Jobs and his BT hatred :(

I can't see any reason the menu listing would be there if the car isn't capable of it, or any reason why the 2013 cars can't be updated. Head units look the same.

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