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Ford Focus Mk1 Scuttle Panel Clips And Seal

18 April 2014 - 05:20 PM

Hi All,


I’m new to this and pretty new to Ford’s. I’ve had to replace my pollen filter because moisture was getting to it. Around 2 months ago when I got the car, the windscreen was replaced and the guy was pretty heavy handed and didn’t replace the seal for the pollen filter. 


When I changed the filter last week, two of the little white clips and their black holders on the scuttle panel broke. 


Does anyone know what the clips are properly called because after searching the internet, I have got nowhere. A finis number would be good too so that I could order some.


I’m also about to reseal the scuttle panel to the screen, should I use a genuine Ford seal, or juts get some silicone in there?


Thanks in advance,