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Rear Cougar Subframe...

24 February 2015 - 08:14 PM

Hiya ppl,

I haven't on for while, but I'm sure I posted something about mine a while back, just can't find it, anyway.


The rear subframe on my Cougar has failed ie, Brackets for stabilizer bar have both broken.

It seems that a replacement part is as rare as hens teeth, but that's what I get for owning a car that sold a very low amount, in this country.


The question I've got is due to something I heard, to do with the Rear subframe being, it is the same as on a Ford Mondeo, but was it the Mk1 or Mk2.


Could anybody advise me please.





Where Is The Obd2 Connector..??

05 June 2014 - 07:49 PM



How is everybody doing...  :)


I was just wondering where the OBDII connector is on my Ford Cougar, I'm only asking cause I haven't got any manuals to speak of to show me, well that's what I get for getting hold of a car that has only had 12,000 ever made.


So no Haynes Manuals, only so called Repair Manuals on Ebay, which are downloaded... and junk. :angry:


Well enough of my moaning and back to my original question, does anybody have any idea.





A Common Problem They Say...

01 May 2014 - 06:22 PM



Please don't think me cheeky as I have only just joined an all... :unsure:


But I have just recently got hold of my Cougar, it is a lovely car to drive, etc...


Just has a few niggles I need advise/second opinion, if you will.


Ok, here goes...


The Drivers side window is being a pain, you see the block I got it from replaced the window regulator, as it was faulty, but it seems he has not set it right, as it goes down fine, it's just when it goes back up it has a right song and dance, I think the rubber seal is holding it back, judging by the rub marks on glass, although that being said, it guess what I would say is when it is close to were it should be when fully shut, it makes an awful noise, as if the regulator is slipping and not allowing it fully close...  :excl:


Is there a particular way in how I should adjust/set/reset it to make it work correctly.


That is if it can be sorted by adjustment.





Hiya, Newbie On Here...

01 May 2014 - 05:42 PM



My name is Mike, I've have owned 4 Fords in my driving life... A crappy blue 1.6 Sierra (my first car, and engine blew), A white Sierra XR4x4 2.8Lt (a taxi reversed into it, got written off  :(), A ST24, lovely car (back end went) and now my latest is a 1998 Cougar 2.5Lt V6, a superb car, shame they only made 12,000 of em, it has a few little niggles, which I'll go into later, as need a bit of advise.


Well that's about it, apart from, I'm 44 yrs young, Divorced and have 3 lovely Daughters (living with Mum).


So Cheers,


Mike :rolleyes: