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Fiesta 2013- Where Is The Satnav Aerial Located (Gps)

22 November 2015 - 10:05 PM

I have a 03/2013 titanium X ecoboost fiesta of which I have retrofitted the ford 5" led screen with navigation . This all works perfect apart from the car is stuck in KM instead of Miles but I know that requires software / firmware update.

The simple question is that I can not confirm the factory fitted position of the GPS aerial and so it is still in my glove box But works great !

Has any member found the location of the gps aerial of the 2013 fiesta or newer .

Please can any member help me.

My car has the Sony head unit , DAB , Navigation , Sync , with standard roof AM /FM/ DAB aerial .


Titanium X Ecoboost 125 Slow To Warm Up On Cold Days

20 November 2015 - 10:26 PM

Hi , I have had my 125 ecoboost March 13 fiesta for just over a year and when I got it noticed it took about 5 or 6 miles to warm up on a cold day. With normal weather temp of say 10 deg or more car warms up fast and no problems but with outside temp of 6 deg car is slow to warm up.

I tested the car tonight and after a drive of about 5 miles the temp gauge shows just two bars lit and after 6 to 7 miles 3 bars lit on gauge.
The car drives perfect and would not notice any problems apart from slow to warm up on cold days.

I can not think this is normal for this engine as they use a cast iron cylinder block for rapid warm up but would like to ask other members how quick the engine warms up on colder days ?

I can only think may be a faulty thermostat but not sure which one as read the ecoboost engine has two thermostats.

I had the heater on auto at 26 deg but did not blow much and noticed slow to warm up inside the car.

How quick does other members cars warm up on cold days please ?

Thanks for help in advance