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#144822 Wheel Transplant

Posted by wealdman on 19 September 2011 - 07:01 PM

Possibly shocking to many forum members but after lengthy cogitation I've changed the standard Titanium 16" 15 spoke wheels and 45 profile Continental tyres for 15" Autec Zenit Silver wheels and 50 profile Kleber Quadraxer tyres. Objectives: a softer ride on ill-kept country roads with hopefully less risk of buckled wheels and an improved winter driving experience with "all seasons" tyres (actually they comply with requirements for winter tyres but are intended for year-round use).


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Have I achieved objectives? Well the ride is certainly much less harsh especially when the vehicle is lightly loaded. Time will tell with the rest.

Meanwhile the original wheels and tyres are on eBay, item number 170697390159, if anyone's interested.