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Brakes Fiesta 1.6 Tdci 2008 Old Type.

23 May 2015 - 07:35 AM

48K. Put new discs and brake pads on, £45 Marks Autos Welshpool. The pedal was a bit low and there was a spring like creak coming from the rear offside rear hub when pressing foot brake. Took the rear hub funny looking nut off the Hub/ Drum slid off easily. Loads of dust but the linings were like new the problem was the auto adjuster was not working hence low pedal. I used 2 carpenters 'G' clamps to hold/pull the shoes to a more open position freeing up the auto adjuster. This had become very stiff to operate so a little thin oil later and a bit of winding / sliding in and out and it was working fine. Did both sides wife supplying coffe her main job was pressing brake pedal moving handbrake on and off. Everything back she said the pedal is right up and the handbrake is on first click. Fair doos a good job washed up had a can.


I posted this as some folk are put off by the quite tight funny looking nut.Both sides right hand thread.

The auto adjuster uses a linear operation to convert to 90deg push on the ratchet wheel. This is accomplished by a convex flat spring straightening with handbrake operation this in turn operates the ratchet wheel, it then returns to being Convex ready for next time.



Fiesta 2004 1.4 Petrol Cambelt

16 October 2014 - 10:25 PM

This car has done only 20k but is 10 years old, used very little. The Cambelt surely needs changing. Are there any special tools needed to do this. I read somewhere ford do not fit Woodruf keys to locate gearing to shafts. Do I need to remove any gears or can I just locate timing pegs or marks remove/ replace tensioner and change belt. Any help would be welcome