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In Topic: Two Problems That Have Occured.

28 May 2014 - 03:44 PM


Regarding your airbag light on, you would have turned on the ignition to look for power feeds while fitting your stereo and amp, if that is the case and you did this with seats removed and airbag unit disconnected a fault would be logged in fault memory and airbag light will come on, fault will read something along line of seat recognition pad fault of something to do with loss of communication with airbag module. Disconnecting the battery may not reset light as it is a safety system and may need to be reset using a diagnostic computer. Might be a trip to ford unless you know of anyone who has access to the gear to reset system and erase the fault code.

Hope you sort it,

In Topic: Coolant Leaking Into Drivers Footwell

28 May 2014 - 03:30 PM

Hi David,

I've had a similar problem but it turned out to be the heater matrix as my leak was coming from bottom of heater box. The pipes you are talking about are coolant pipes to the matrix and there are O rings in the joint that leak from under the plastic clip. Change the seals and clips and that should cure it. Seals and clips from ford are only a few quid but I believe its a pig of a job to do. It was the first thing I checked when I discovered I was losing coolant on my car but unfortunately it was the matrix which turned out to be a tad on the expensive side.

Hope this was helpful, good luck with it.
All the best,

In Topic: Poor Throttle Response / Performance.

25 May 2014 - 05:38 PM

Hello again,

I know its been a while but I've taken time to look into some of suggestions that some of you guy's have advised me to check and unfortunately have found nothing wrong, no collapsed or ruptured pipework, no vac leaks or air leaks so was back scratching the old noggin until my scanner arrived and when I say scanner I mean a obd2 Bluetooth connector and running the torque app, no dtc's found so looked at throttle percentage gauge which showed at idle 12.9% and with the pedal pressed to the floor it reads 76.9%, now I was under the impression that throttle readings should be 100% with the pedal to the floor and valve wide open. Have checked the valve and butterfly is wide open.

So the million dollar question is, are these values I'm getting correct? To complicate matters further I've found that if you press the pedal slowly, once you get to 2\3 the way to the floor torque gives a reading of 76.9% throttle but then nothing the rest of the way to the floor (it stays at 76.9%). Is this a throttle body fault or a pedal fault OR is this normal??

For good measure I've cleaned the throttle body and lubricated the butterfly spindle and since then the hunting has stopped. So at least that's one problem sorted.

If anyone out there has experienced this or a similar problem am I at a loss as to where to go next and would be very grateful for any ideas.

Sorry for the novel
All the best

In Topic: Poor Throttle Response / Performance.

14 May 2014 - 11:45 PM

Thanks for your input,

Up to now I've only checked hoses for splits etc but haven't checked if any collapse under acceleration so I'll have a look tomorrow, other than that I've replaced spark plugs, air filter etc etc when I serviced it which again made a slight difference in performance but I must admit I haven't changed the fuel filter as yet so for the sake of a couple of quid I'll try that next and see what happens.

With regard to your comment on looking at live data, clearly I don't have access to fords diagnostic gear but have been reading about a number of apps on the play store that communicate with the car via a Bluetooth obd2 connector, what's the general consensus of opinion on this type of thing and will it read live data to show me what is going on?

In Topic: Poor Throttle Response / Performance.

13 May 2014 - 10:05 PM

Hi thanks for the reply,

The car isn't driven hard however it isn't driven slowly, it always in the power band as I don't like to labour the engine at low revs. I've been thinking that is the lacking in power down to all this fuel saving tech on the engine or the engine has some sort of adaptive learning and a change in driving style would cause a feeling of lack of performance? If that's the case is there a way of resetting this?

Still think there is a fault with the throttle response though as this cutting out is really baffling and like I wrote on previous post when you press the pedal very very slightly and hold it there the revs drop from about 800 to almost stalling then up to 1200 then repeats until you take your foot off. When your foot is off it returns to 800 (idle).

With a new throttle body being fitted 2 yrs ago whose to say it could be this causing problem, the body inside looks quite clean and doesn't appear to stick which is what's leading me to a faulty signal from the pedal. Have ordered a fault code scanner so hopefully it will shed a bit more light on the matter.