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Poor Throttle Response / Performance.

13 May 2014 - 05:29 PM

Evening all

I have a 59 plate focus 1.8 style (petrol) which I've had for about 3 yrs. Over the time I've had this car I've experienced a number of problems to do with lack of power, such as intermittent flat spots especially after a run on the motorway, stuttering when pulling away (as if not enough gas applied to pedal), cutting out in slow moving traffic. The vehicle has been into fords a number of times but they have been unable to find anything wrong.

2 yrs ago it had a pcm update as vehicle kept cutting out when cold and a new throttle body after i made a fuss over constant lack of performance which did make a difference with only slight hesitation happening from time to time.

However only recently the vehicle has started to cut out when hot in slow moving traffic when after feathering throttle pedal and now when stationary I've noticed that if you rest your foot on throttle pedal and press ever so slightly, revs drop and it starts hunting, take your foot off and it returns to normal idle.

So I'm wondering if this is a fault with the pedal? There's no warning lights on and if it cuts out the vehicle restarts, there isn't any fault codes listed either although I'm going get a scanner so I can see for myself.

I would appreciate any help and advice from anyone who has encountered any similar faults as I'm starting to pull my hair out now and a noticeable bald spot is showing.

Many thanks